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Turmeric Cashew Cheese

This recipe is incredibly nutrient dense, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory food, high in protein, fibre, B12 and folic acid. You can read the full blog post HERE Gluten Free, Paleo, Dairy Free, Vegan            Makes...

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Highly Nutritious Pregnancy Smoothie

People often ask me what I add to my diet during pregnancy, so I thought I'd share my regular preggie smoothie along with some of the essential pregnancy nutrients. I like to try out the products I have on the...

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Fig Caramel and Coconut Chia Parfait

This is a nutrient dense dessert that tastes very decadent with the fig and caramel sauce, the coconut crisp just tops it off. It is the perfect dessert you can make prior to an event and serve at anytime.  Chia...

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Fragrant Red Fish Curry with Rocking Red Rice

I have made this red fish curry a few times recently and it really does take me back to times I have spent in Thailand. I used lots of fresh lemongrass, ginger and coriander which makes this curry full of flavour...

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A Personal Note From Me And Why I'm Taking A Break

Hello there,Well here we are in the second half of the year - how did that happen? As John Lennon said 'life is what happens when you're busy making other plans'. I have certainly been busy making other plans and...

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Turmeric Cashew Cheese + EOFY Sale

Hello there,Well I was going to send this out yesterday but with the whole Brexit ordeal I got rather distracted. I also figured making Turmeric Cashew Cheese was probably rather trivial in comparison to the global economic situation that has followed Brexit. In saying...

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14 of the Best Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes

Hello there, This week I'm delighted to share with you 14 delicious gluten free breakfast recipes from some of my favourite health and wellness practitioners and bloggers. We have everything from tasty Shakshouka to Coconut Quinoa Porridge.  Recently my daughter has been complaining...

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