Adopting Sustainable Healthy Habits

January is the best time to establish goals that will be effective for the coming year. Are you prepared? Making progress on your fitness goals for all 364 days is a lot of work. It’s easier to say you’ll start today and not go to the fitness class. It’s difficult to decide between eating a pizza or summoning the motivation to cook healthy food for yourself when you return from a tiring day at work. If you’re planning to develop an exercise plan for yourself, it is important to establish goals that result in easily attainable and lasting habits.

We at Total Health and Fitness we’re here to help you achieve your goals and create lasting habits that keep you healthy and happy. Our health and fitness programs are easy to integrate into your routine. Establishing sustainable, restorative practices is crucial, which is the reason we are offering an array of options to incorporate into your daily routine. These little changes can make an enormous difference in your overall health and can help you meet your resolutions.

How to Build Sustainable Habits

You might be wondering if there’s an effective way to build lasting habits that are easy to sustain. New York Times business writer Charles Duhigg explored the science behind the patterns he observed within his bestseller The Power of Habit. In an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air, he explained that each practice begins with a “habit loop.” The habit loop is a mental pattern that’s an intricate three-part process. The steps include:

The CueThe process starts with the trigger or cue. The cue triggers the habit in motion when your brain enters autopilot mode. An action activates patterns. So, when you’re trying to establish your new practice, select one that you do often. If you’re seeking to add fitness to your routine, consider using your commute to work or that morning coffee drink to get you to go to the gym each day. Do you want to drink more fluids? If your alarm goes off, take one glass of water and drink it, or fill up your water bottle each time it’s full.

It’s the RoutineThe second section of the loop concerns the routine or actual behavior or habit. It is crucial to stick to a new pattern so that you can teach your brain to perform it automatically. It can take anywhere from a few hours to 66 days, as per research, but it’s worth it.

The RewardThe third component of this loop is the rewards. The reward is given after the task is completed and helps reinforce the routine. When you’ve finished the job and you’ve achieved your goal, reward yourself. You can reward yourself with a smoothie, a healthy snack, a pleasant walk, or any other thing that will aid in establishing the new routine.

The process of creating habits has been traced to a specific part of the brain called the basal Ganglia. Neuroscientists have discovered that this region also is a major factor in the formation of memory patterns, pattern recognition, as well as emotions. Once a behavior is a habit, the basal ganglia take control of making the behavior automatic and putting the part of your brain into sleep.

Duhigg told Fresh Air, “In fact the brain begins to work gradually less. The brain can nearly be shut off. … This is an advantage since it means you can have all this mental activity that you can use for other things.” He went on to say, “You can do these complicated behaviors without being conscious of it.”

Easy, Sustainable Habits You Can Adopt

Take a Breakfast Breakfast is one of the main foods in the entire day. Making a healthy breakfast can start your day with a bang and set your body up for making healthy food choices throughout the rest of the course of your day.

Drinking water is vital to drink water. It not only keeps you hydrated, it also increases your energy levels, boosts the metabolism of your body, and is the key to gorgeous skin.

Get outsideIt’s difficult to go outside at times. However, breathing fresh air is good for your health. It can ease tension, connect you to nature, and help you to stay in the best shape.

Take Your VeggiesThey not only are they delicious to eat and are delicious, but they’re good for your health as well! They are loaded with nutrients and vitamins, which provide a variety of health advantages.

Move Your BodyIf you exercise at home, in the gym, or even with an individual trainer, moving your body is healthy for you! It is good for your mental and physical well-being.

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