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I am delighted to host a Q&A session with Jackie Steele from Body Beyond Birth this week. Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of trying the Body Beyond Birth program. This program is more than an online resource for Mummas to get in shape. I realized this the moment I signed in. You will find a wealth of educational videos on the website (e.g., You can access a pelvic floor workshop from the comfort of your living room, delicious recipes from their dietician, and workouts specifically tailored to your abilities.

Many people are left wondering after having children (I still wonder about this!). Jackie and Becky answered my questions about common issues such as bladder control, abdominal split recovery, and getting in shape with only 20 minutes of exercise per day. I asked them about their top tips for nutrition and well-being after having children and how they fit exercise into our busy lives. Body Beyond Birth offers a program that suits your needs, whether you have just had a child or are a parent of teenagers.

The online program Body Beyond Birth is not only for those who want to exercise; it is a way of life. Could you please share more information?

We didn’t just want to create a program mum can rely on for their entire lives. We are sharing our expertise and knowledge to help moms build healthy habits for their children and families in the future. It’s about creating healthy living and lifestyle choices. It’s all about understanding how we eat (i.e., nutrition) and then using that information to make delicious meals for our family. It’s all about making time for ourselves. A happy, healthy mama makes a happy, healthy family!

Becky is a qualified Physiotherapist, and Jackie is a certified Pilates instructor. How has this training helped you create a safe program to help women return to exercise after giving Birth?

Exercise and all aspects related to health are approached from a medical/clinical perspective. While being pregnant is a normal process, a mother’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and Birth. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to create exercise programs that help mums exercise safely and effectively to repair their bodies and build long, lean muscles.

What can you offer women through the Body Beyond Birth Program?

We are passionate about helping moms get strong and healthy by providing all the necessary resources and tools.

Jackie, you experienced an 8cm separation in your abdomen after giving birth to your twins. Now, your muscle separation seems almost nonexistent. How is that possible?

In truth, I didn’t think I could wear my “regular clothes” again after having twins. My separation was so large that I could feel my abdominals on either side of my body while lying on my back in bed. I knew that I needed to do something to function normally. I also wanted people not to ask me if my baby was here. Becky convinced me that exercise could help repair my separation. To help my waistline, she gave me core strengthening exercises that I use in the Body Beyond Birth program. Doing the right exercises safely was just as important as understanding the potential dangers of certain movements and activities.

Although I wasn’t always able to exercise every day, my “right exercises” philosophy which allowed me to do just a few of them each day, worked. My separation was completed in 18 months.

Are you only for new mums? Or can anyone benefit from Body Beyond Birth?

The program has three levels to suit new moms (regardless if you had a cesarean or natural Birth) and experienced mothers. Some members have just had babies, as well as members with teenage children. Our program benefits both new and experienced moms.

Many mothers with children have limited time. Do you believe it can transform your body by exercising just 20 minutes daily?

Yes, I am proof. My children were all under three years old, so it was rare that I exercised for more than 20 minutes each day. Even if I did, I might not have the energy or motivation to work out. I kept going, believing that doing five to ten minutes of “something” every day was better than doing five or ten minutes of “nothing”. I slowly built a healthy habit over time to fit in 20 minutes of exercise every day. Things happen; life happens. Don’t let yourself get down about today. Get up and smile again tomorrow with love and a smile!

Share 3 tips for mums on exercising.

Dress for success. To maximize your chances of getting exercise, dress in your workout clothes as soon as possible. This will ensure that you are ready to go as soon as possible, even if you only have a few more minutes. Work out!

Do what you love. Choose activities and exercise that you enjoy and find enjoyable. If you can see the benefits and have a smile on your face, you’re more likely to be motivated to do it.

Let’s be together, and it can sometimes seem impossible to fit in exercise when your kids are present. Include them in your exercise program if that is the case. You can have a disco and dance vigorously for 5-6 songs. Or chase each other around the yard, kick around a ball, or go on a bike ride… there are many options!

We would love to know more about the workshops you offer in your program.

The workshops are designed to give you the same expert advice you would get if you visited a doctor – but without having to leave your home. It cannot be very comfortable to ask about your pelvic floor. In the Body Beyond Birth program, you will have Becky, a woman’s health physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience. Becky has seen it all, and she knows what women are going through and the problems they face. Her experience with treating mothers and moms-to-be has shaped the workshops. Based on member feedback, we are constantly adding workshops. We are also open to receiving questions via our Facebook and website pages.

A nutritionist has given you some great tips about being a healthy Mumma. Can you please share three nutritional tips for busy Mummas with her?

We are fortunate to have Meg, an Accredited Practice Dietitian and a mother of 3 wonderful boys, working with us.

Plan ahead: Make sure you plan so that healthy snacks and meals are prepared for the week

Be mindful of your portion sizes: It’s important to know the right portions and to stick to them.

Drink 6 glasses of water each day to keep your fluid intake up. If you are still drinking fluids, it’s fine to count your favorite tea or coffee. If you only drink 6 glasses of tea or coffee per day, it may be that you are not getting enough water. You may feel less hydrated and have a better experience.

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