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The fragrance is much more than something that smells nice. The scents you choose to wear are very personal. They can speak volumes about your mood and the person you are as an individual. At SOL, the morning spritz is essential to our identity. When we consider the benefits it has to us personally, the issue is, how do you choose the perfect scent for you?

Visit your local beauty store, and you’ll likely see the walls covered with scent bottle after scent bottle. We understand that finding the right scent may be difficult. Do you even have time to smell everyone? That could result in sensory overstimulation (and possibly an awful headache!). Before you search for the scent you love, look at the cheatsheet to narrow down your options.


You’re at that cosmetics shop, trying to figure out your favorite scent when they all smell incredible. Do not be reluctant to seek assistance. Vogue mentions that scent experts at the counter can “guide you toward equally fresh, floral, or spicy options.” If any or more of these scents pique your interest, the scent expert Patricia Choux suggests to Vogue that you “smell five [perfumes] at most”; otherwise, you could be putting your nose out of the entire experience (hello, smell blindness!). Note which scents trigger positive reactions from you. Are they musky or floral? Perhaps they smell more citrus? If you notice patterns in the notes you are drawn towards, you can determine the most effective scent for you.


In our previous article, picking the notes you like (and do not love) is crucial when thinking about the best perfume to buy. But do you identify those notes? They’re delicious; however, maybe your knowledge isn’t as extensive. We’re here to tell you that that’s perfectly normal unless you’re a fragrance expert. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t have created this handy cheat sheet of the names of fragrance notes and their descriptions.

Floral: Flowers can be everything from white flowers, such as gardenia, lilies, and even ylang, to more complex florals, such as violets, roses, and peonies. Cheirsoa #68 is a vibrant blend infused with the floral scent of Brazilian jasmine and pink dragonfruit.

Citrus is typically a light scent with citrus notes, like lemon and orange. Try a sniff, and you’ll be transported to summer or spring.

Musk: Contrary to what it sounds, musk is a scent for washing clothes. The soft and sweet Cheirosa 40 is a touch of musk paired with the black amber plum and creme de cassis. Vanilla woods.

Woody: This could encompass everything from a rich smell of sandalwood to nutty to more spicy and bitter, like patchouli or cedarwood. Our delightful, warm SOL Cheirosa Eau de Parfum is a scent with a hint of sandalwood, which is soft and lasts for a long time.

Aquatic Scents: These scents remind us of the fresh, clean sensation after a bath or a day spent in the Mediterranean Sea.

Oriental The Oriental aroma of incense. It could be slightly powdery, with a hint of sweetness or spice.

Vanilla According to Harper’s Bazaar, this famous scent is a “warm and sweet composition [that] is instantly comforting.” Then, Cheirosa 771 blends this scent perfectly with rich, warm notes of caramelized vanilla and macadamia toast.

Solar: Part of the newest scent families that includes solar fragrances “evoke sun-drenched, golden days spent outside,” according to Who What Wear. The scent is nostalgic and beachy. Rio Radiance takes you back to the memories of a blissful vacation with notes of leite de cacao and solar tuberose. It also smells of warm sand.

One of the reasons that our famous Cheirosa 1962 scent is now a cult favorite is the way it expertly and delicately blends all of the above notes into a mellow, bright scent that you cannot help but be in love with. The essence of our highly acclaimed Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is an irresistible mix of salted caramel, pistachio, and vanilla, a.k.a. The scent of pure joy.


When you have identified one of the scents that is your favorite, you can put aside the samplers made of paper. What the fragrance is like on them compared to your skin is not 100% precise. This is because each of us has unique body chemistry, so fragrances differ for everyone. Allure recommends spraying the scent onto warm areas and then letting the aroma develop: “Try the hollow of the neck, just behind your ears, or the inside of your wrists …. Give yourself a half-hour to allow the scent to take hold over your body before deciding which one is the One.”


The scent you choose to wear should reflect who you are. Are you a bit mysterious or playful? Are you more extravagant or more casual? Perfumer Kilian Hennessy writes in Vogue that deciding on the right scent “ultimately comes down to your personality and the mood you’re looking to access.” While it must align with your character traits, there could also be a bit of aspiration to be found in it. According to Hennessy, the most memorable scents contain the power of transformation, which can “give courage, confidence, and other comfort and sense of protection.”


Congratulations! You’ve found your signature scent! Be prepared for an endless amount of confidence and compliments. We’ll reveal the secrets to a long-lasting fragrance. Reduce the bath and body scent. Always check to see whether your scent is available in the form of a cream or body wash. In or out of the shower, and then spray your perfume. This spreads the fragrance across a larger area than your skin. It’s not just that it will last. It will also intensify the aroma and give you the complete scent experience precisely as designed.


It was mentioned earlier that time spent with a scent is exceptionally crucial when deciding which one is right for you. It’s a process of evolution and changing on the skin. In addition, you need to ensure it’s a scent you enjoy wearing daily. These are the times when discovery sets show their worth. A variety of scents in one package allows you to test every smell in the length or amount you’d like.

Additionally, many of the top fragrances for women are available in a set of discoveries, which allows you to explore all of the classics and even more. The Passport to Paradise Perfume Set includes three of our most well-loved scents that are perfect to take with you on your next vacation or decide which one best suits your needs. Since that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

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