Detox your mind with Debbie Spellman green smoothie concoction

I am so happy to welcome Debbie Spellman, a lovely woman, to Nourishing Hub. Debbie’s interview was authentic, inspiring, and full of wonderful wisdom that we can all learn from.

Debbie is also a Mind Detox Therapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Entrepreneur, and Health and Wellness Speaker and has her Detox Your Mind television show. Her mission is to change the way women see themselves by helping them to dissolve their false image and embrace the woman they are within through radical self-love.

Could you tell us something about yourself? What was your journey to get where you are today?

I am the CEO and Founder of Detox Your Mind. I help women to change their perceptions so that they can love and accept themselves. I mentor women by sharing the journey I’ve taken in the last five years. I grew up with a very low sense of self-worth. As a teenager, I never felt I could be me. I was always worried about what others thought. It was crippling. In my 20s, I stayed too long in a relationship out of fear that I would leave. I did not trust myself or believe in my abilities. My late 20s brought about a catalyst for change. I had not listened to the lessons I needed to be taught at the time, and I lost it all – I reached rock bottom. I had lost all that I thought defined me and was left wondering, “Who am I?” What was I like without my job, career, and material luxury? My work is based on the answer I discovered.

We can feel lost or empty when we lose the identity we have attached to our roles, such as a job title or being a mother or wife.

It was the best gift I ever received because it made me re-evaluate who I am, what I value, and who I spend my time with. Everything from my past life had to go for me to be able to teach my message and step into my true self.

Today, people are focusing on detoxing their bodies. What does it mean to cleanse your mind? Why is this important for you?

Great question! Detoxing your mind is powerful, and I think it’s just as effective as detoxing your body. Let me explain why.

First, the majority of physical symptoms and diseases experienced by the body are a result of the mind. Your body was designed to adapt and survive. Your body will adjust to a new paradigm when you block energy by repressing feelings or creating limiting beliefs (mostly from childhood). You may not be able to achieve full health until you have cleared these suppressed feelings and limiting beliefs. When I use the Mind Detox method, I often see psoriasis and other skin conditions that are caused by trying to protect oneself from external threats like bullying. IBS is a sign of holding on to something. It is amazing how the Mind/Body Connection can link any symptom to an emotional cause. The symptom will heal when the cause is removed. When given the opportunity, the body will heal itself.

Second, you will experience many “wounds” throughout your life. You will have experienced times when you felt unloved or rejected, afraid, sad/hurtful, embarrassed, guilty, or shameful. These experiences can be repressed in your subconscious, depending on when you had them. Imagine how hard it would be for us to function on a day-to-day basis if every memory from our lives was recalled. All of us would be hopeless messes if we could remember every memory from our lives. Our subconscious mind has the responsibility to suppress negative events to enable us to function on a day-to-day basis.

What is the problem? It is important to understand that your Ego (your negative self-talk) plays a part. Its job is constantly scanning what’s about to happen to you (future-thinking). Then, it references all the events in your past (past-thinking) to determine if you are emotionally and physically safe at any given moment. You can reference a lot of negative emotions and emotional baggage if you still have past wounds that you haven’t healed, let go, forgiven, or reframed as a positive ….. We play small, we hold back, we stay quiet, and we remain in relationships or jobs that are not fulfilling to us out of fear. These wounds alter our personalities because they influence our thoughts, our actions, our behaviors, and our results in the world.

You can only experience inner peace, confidence, and peace of mind when you bring up the hidden, repressed feelings and limiting beliefs.

Detox Your Mind Coaching is for women who want inner calm, true confidence, and self-acceptance – What do you think holds them back, and how can they be helped?

There are many layers to inner calmness, self-acceptance, and confidence. I will focus on the most important ones.

Negative self-talk is the biggest. How a woman speaks to herself has a huge impact on her life and who she is. Your negative self-talk is your Ego. It’s the programming that you received in your childhood and past. Your negative self-talk is made up of stories and agreements you make about yourself and your environment. The first step is to change the way you speak to yourself.

As I said above, wounds from your past can hold you back. They need to be healed, whether they come from broken relationships, regrets, or unsatisfactory parenting ….. Every day, your past impacts your present and future. You must heal your past in order to become the woman that you were meant to be.

Last but not least, the expectations, criticisms, and judgments of others. The opinions of others can have a big impact on our authenticity. To overcome this, I think you have to find out who you are. When you feel confident in yourself, other people’s opinions will not matter.

My signature 3-month program combines 1:1 sessions with a comprehensive 12-week e-course. The program takes the woman through a journey of letting go and releasing all negative stories, limiting beliefs, and subconscious patterns that hold her back. Once she has a sense of self-acceptance, I help her create a lifestyle that is based on what she values and her true character. I help her to find the courage she needs to let go and live a life that she loves.

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