Dior rosy glow blush

I’ll confess: I only started wearing blush this year. It may seem crazy to a beauty editor or even a makeup enthusiast, but I never liked it. I preferred a bronzed look and did not feel the need to add color to my skin. My friends and colleagues with flushed cheeks inspired me to try it myself. I asked my friends for the latest products on the market and scrolled through TikTok. The Dior backstage rosy glow blush was unanimously voted the best.

Dior is what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking, Dior? For a product that I rarely use, $40 seemed excessive. For the sake of beauty, I decided to try it.

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This blush is stunning at first glance. This blush is an absolute stunner. It comes in a compact with a mirror, and it has a rosy pink pigment that has pressed Dior’s logo into it. The ingredients are also pretty luxurious. According to cosmetic chemist Ginger King, this formula contains mica, which gives the product its sheen and glow. King says that dimethicone is also in the procedure, providing a silky feel and making it smooth to wear.

The real question is how the blush looks and feels on your skin. The second to last step of my base routine is blush. I coat my Ultra Plush Blush Cheeks Makeup Brush with pigment. I then pat the stain onto the apples on my cheeks.

How perfect is this color? The shade is a super rosy pink. I am not a fan of pinks, so I was skeptical about it. But I have been pleasantly surprised. The formula perfectly matched my base routine, which included Makeup by Mario SurrealSkin foundation and Tarte Sculpt Tape Contour. It was remarkable to layer powders on top of cream products without any patchiness. The Glow Blush also has a glowy finish (hence its name), so you can skip highlighter. But I love the glow, so the more, the merrier.

Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush

This blush is worth the money if you’re willing to spend it. Dior Backstage Rosy Glow Blush, a TikTok favorite, is currently $40 on sephora.com or Saksfifthavenue.com.

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