Fitness Studio Trends

Our entire focus at ABC Trainerize is to help fitness studios provide better client experiences. This means that we are always up-to-date on the latest trends. This includes trendy modes of exercise and tech tools, like ours, that make memberships at the gym easier. Let’s explore the latest trends in fitness studios so that you can incorporate them into your training sessions. Why is it important to know fitness trends? Your gym must stay on top of the latest fitness trends if you want to provide the best experience for your customers. While not all directions last, it’s a fact that people like to get in on the latest fitness trends when they are hot. Giving them this opportunity can keep them motivated as a fitness provider! But you have to be attentive. You can ride the trend by giving people what they want. Research and keep up with the latest trends in social media to stay ahead of your time. Make it easy for them to join your gym. It will be easier for them to sign up and pay their membership fees via an app if they can do so on their phone.

The 39% of Americans with gym memberships ensure that there’s always something exciting and new happening in fitness studios. These top fitness trends are great for a variety of fitness goals and attract a lot of Google searches!


While we all get a lot of benefits from exercise, every person who walks into your gym is unique. biohack athletes are gaining popularity as we begin to understand how the differences in our bodies can affect fitness results. Some studios are offering oxygen therapy with tools such as the Live02 Trainer. Because it is personal, biohacking coaching often takes place in small classes or one-on-one sessions. You will help clients optimize their nutrition and supplement intake, as well as their recovery and rest periods. Catering to this crowd is a great idea. People want to maximize their training, so catering to them makes perfect sense. If you’re going to start easy, sell some supplements.

Integrating wearables Fitness trackers are on the rise and improving all the time.

Fitness enthusiasts are finding new ways to optimize their workouts with each new model. Wearables can help your clients track their movements and get real-time biometric information. This will make it easier for them to push themselves every time they visit. Strava is a popular mobile platform for tracking runs. Some smartwatches track everything from heart rate to blood oxygenation. They can collect an incredible amount of data. Please set up your client’s wearables before the class so that they can track their training with you. This also helps you prove your effectiveness.

Low-impact exercises. Some clients like to be active and fast-paced, while others are more relaxed.

You can help your gym members improve their health by offering low-impact exercises. These dedicated workouts are perfect for all visitors, and they build on themselves. They prioritize gains and improvements over time while keeping everyone motivated and comfortable. It will open up your fitness studio to new clients, and accessibility is important, too.

HIIT workouts HIIT has been around forever, but this type of exercise never goes out of style. HIIT classes are great for many reasons: they raise your heart rate, make the workouts fresh, and give you a feeling of energizing energy. HIIT has become a kind of brand in itself. High-impact workouts are a great way to tap into a popular workout style that is always in demand. This is good for you and your fitness business. It’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

Spaces without cameras

Every time you browse through your social media feed, you’re likely to see fitness influencers and dietitians. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people want their workouts broadcast online, whether they are lifting weights or running. A phone-free zone can help people to be more present with their fitness community and give them a break from the constant online activity. This can be a mindfulness activity during yoga or a “let’s sweat and focus” exercise during HIIT. (It’s flexible!)

Dance studios

While regular workouts can be fun, who doesn’t enjoy learning how to move as they work out? If you’re a dancer, then you should take a class. Many studios offer Zumba classes; others teach salsa, and still others teach pole. The possibilities are endless, as body movement is a creative way to exercise. This form of exercise is only limited by your ability to dance or the availability of instructors. This is a difficult specialization to master, but when you do, you will have an offer that very few gyms are able to deliver. You’ll also have tons of fun as a teacher.

Spin classes are experiencing a renaissance.

Aerobics is still one of the most popular exercises, but spin classes are the newest craze. This training will require a fleet of bikes and speakers that can blast music as people ride. Once you have all of that setup, you can deliver one of the most intense, community-oriented workouts available.

Strength training Strength training used to be viewed as an exercise to build big muscles.

Today, strength training is open to everyone. It encourages people to embrace their health and improve it on their terms. This helpful practice has been proven to promote healthy aging. Strength training encompasses a wide range of fitness trends. CrossFit is popular for combining weightlifting with aerobics and functional movements to create a complete workout. Some studios offer strongman training where you lift unusual objects such as tires and logs.

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