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Are you weighing whether to use foundation or BB cream? According to makeup experts, There’s a time and suitable place for both. Although these products serve the same objective (to improve your skin’s appearance more attractive), they accomplish this differently. The foundation generally focuses on providing adequate coverage, while foundation creams offer more natural results.

Before deciding on foundation and BB cream, you should ask yourself questions like: “How does my skin feel? What event do I require to have the most suitable base for? What would I like my skin to appear?” According to Rachel Hardie, the NARS Lead Artist, your answers will help decide which foundation is the best for you. If you want full coverage and the smooth finish you’re looking for, go for the foundation. If you want a full-on veil of light coverage and a fresh, clean finish, think about one of the most effective foundation foundations. Creams.

“It’s important to own different base products to cater to your different needs,” Hardie says. Hardie admits that she changes her foundation according to the season. We’ve asked experts on the main distinctions and advantages of both to decide when to go for foundation and when to opt for BB creams.


“Foundation is a base product that’s typically used to even out skin tone and conceal imperfections,” clarifies Aimee Connolly, a makeup artist and co-founder of an award-winning makeup line, Sculpted By Aimee. “BB cream, short for ‘blemish balm’, bridges the gap between skincare and makeup,” says Connolly, “it gives you a much sheerer finish than foundation and boasts added skincare benefits.” Like this foundation vs. CC cream debate, these minor details can significantly impact the appearance and the feel.


“Although they share similar functions, bb cream and foundation do differ in results,” Connolly says. Connolly. Our makeup artists explain the significant distinctions between them:

Coverage: “Foundation is typically thicker and offers greater coverage when used as a base,” says Connolly, “whereas BB cream is typically light, almost serum-like, and is ideal for subtly evening out skin tone.”

Benefits for skin care: BB cream often has hydrating properties and anti-redness ingredients (like vitamin E) and SPF. “BB cream tends to be formulated with more skincare ingredients than foundation,” says Connolly. But, specific foundation formulas are improving, and you can read the Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation review and Chanel Ndeg1 de Chanel Revitalizing Foundation review for evidence.

TextureBB cream generally appears as a liquid or a cream (hence its term) texture. The foundation is, on the contrary, however, “is available in many different formulations including liquid, cream, powder and stick,” claims Connolly. This, in turn, will determine how you apply it. Foundation brush or sponge to use your selected base (generally, lighter textures work for sponges better than more heavy ones).

Shades available: BB cream and foundation should precisely align with your skin shade. There are typically many foundation shades to choose from over the BB cream shade for shadows. Yet, “BB creams blend more seamlessly with the skin so can adapt a bit more,” says Connolly, and can be beneficial if you’re not sure what shade to choose. Shades of foundation.


If we look back to Hardie’s question in the introduction (“How do my skin feel? What is the occasion? What do I like my skin to appear?”), the answers will guide us in the proper direction. Let’s say, for example, your skin is dry, and you’re searching for a hydrating foundation appropriate for everyday natural makeup style. BB cream could be the right choice. “BB cream offers a more natural, dewy, sheer finish,” Connolly says. Connolly.

If you’re looking for full coverage which will hide imperfections and last throughout the night – then your top cream foundation will probably be the best option. “Foundations are great for that longer-lasting, high coverage finish that will stick around all day/night long without drying out your skin,” Connolly says. Connolly. “Anyone looking to cover prominent pigmentation or blemishes might prefer foundation as a higher coverage option.”

You may already know what you like – something lightweight and sheer or one with more coverage – you might feel different based on the time of day, therefore, as Connolly states that there’s nothing wrong with carrying both in your kit. “I love a BB cream when I’m on holiday, for instance, but prefer higher coverage when I’m attending events.” Hardie agrees, “I tend to use one of the best tinted moisturizers in the day while I’m on the go, before switching to a heavy-duty foundation at night.”


“It really depends on what you’re looking for,” Connolly says. Connolly. “But to summarize If you’re looking for something that lasts and has high coverage foundations are a more suitable option. A tinted or BB cream moisturizer can provide lighter coverage, but with a less thick look.” Hardie adds that “foundations can have various levels of coverage and so when looking for the ideal product, think about what you want your skin to appear like.”


If you’re looking for makeup and weighing the pros and cons of foundation vs. BB cream, it’s not necessary to pick. Both of these are essentials for your beauty bag that will undoubtedly be utilized. This cream is excellent for those moments when you need just some natural makeup coverage. The foundation is the ideal choice to provide long-lasting coverage and hide the indications of a difficult week.

“I would always recommend BB creams and tinted moisturizers to anyone new to makeup,” Connolly says. Connolly. If your BB cream doesn’t provide enough coverage or lasts long enough, change to foundation.

The most current foundation formulas that arrive on the market offer excellent benefits for the skin and are available in various shades and finishes. If we were asked to choose between two, the foundation is the one that gets our preference (but at the same time, we’d prefer a couple of foundation choices to meet all needs).

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