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Fraxel Laser Recovery Day by Day

Aging, acne scars, the sun, and many other causes can make your skin appear less uniform than you’d prefer. Fraxel is a laser treatment that rejuvenates the skin by gradually removing the damaged areas to reveal healthy, new areas of the skin. It has similar results to surgical treatments but isn’t as painful, and the healing process is usually quicker and easier. While it is essential to remember that each person’s skin is unique and reacts differently to treatments, The healing process for each session should be completed in about one week. This is a brief description of the ways Fraxel laser therapy¬†will help your skin and what the day-to-day recovery process is like!

What Is Fraxel Laser?

Fraxel is a new laser treatment that makes facial skin smoother. It reduces the formation of a range of skin damage, such as acne scarring, sun damage, wrinkles, discoloration, and other indicators of age, to provide you with fresher and more youthful-looking skin. Most patients begin seeing results following their first treatment, but three to five sessions are recommended to get the desired outcomes.

Typical Fraxel Laser Recovery Process

Since Fraxel’s lasers are highly effective in focusing on the targeted area for treatment, the recovery process is generally more efficient and faster than surgical procedures. While you may be uncomfortable for the initial week following each treatment, you’ll return to your routine the following day with just a few precautions. While it is essential to be aware that people react differently to Fraxel and may require additional time to heal the damage completely, here’s an outline of what you can expect during recovery.

Treatment Day

Following the Fraxel procedure, you’ll likely feel redness, heat, and swelling that is similar to the appearance of sunburn. This is because lasers exert the same effect on your skin as the sun’s rays. However, the most noticeable irritation typically will not last long. The results of these lasers should be addressed with ice, moisturizer, or other over-the-counter medicines for the rest of the day to reduce discomfort and speed up recovery time.

Day One

On the first day following the Fraxel laser therapy, you can expect to see a decrease in temperature and redness, but there is a chance that you will suffer from some swelling. You may also begin feeling a similar dryness and tightness that you’d expect after a sunburn, and you might start to see improvements as your new skin begins to heal.

Day Two

On the second day after the treatment, you can expect most of the redness and swelling in your complexion to diminish. A light moisturizer applied regularly throughout the first couple of days is essential to make sure you’re at this point and alleviate any minor discomfort you may feel immediately. Additionally, you will get the benefits you’re looking forward to as your skin’s imperfections begin to show and begin to break away from the skin.

Day Three

At the end of the third day following treatment, you’re most likely to notice itching and peeling, like the peeling you feel as the damaged skin begins to separate from the new skin beneath following an injury from the sun. While this may be uncomfortable, it’s essential to eliminate the damaged portions of your skin, allowing an area for healthier, fresh skin. It’s usually an aspect of the cosmetic healing process and doesn’t physically require you to change your routine. However, it is possible to be at home for the day for aesthetic reasons. While you may wish to, you should not cleanse your skin to speed up the process.

Day Four

After the fourth day, you’ll see that most of the peeling is gone. While your skin may not be back to normal on the fourth day, it will feel less uncomfortable, and you can resume your routine without embarrassment.

Day Five

On day five, the skin should be back to normal. While you might still have minor skin imperfections, once you reach this stage, your face will likely appear normal and comfortable. Once your skin is relaxed, you’ll enjoy healthier and more youthful-looking skin. At this point, you’ll be able to view the full effects of your treatment to decide whether you’re satisfied with the results or prefer to schedule another session. If you decide you’d like to have another session, plan it for approximately 2 to 4 weeks from your appointment.

Tips for Helping Your Skin Heal Effectively

Even though every person’s skin is unique and heals on a different timeline, you can prevent further irritation to your skin and make it more comfortable during your healing. Applying a light moisturizing cream to your skin for the first week following the Fraxel Laser treatment can be crucial to hydrating and regenerating your skin. However, avoiding excessive moisturizers, makeup, and exfoliants of any kind is recommended to ensure that you don’t slow down the healing process. Also, you should plan to stay out of the sun for some time after your treatment, particularly in the first week, and apply sunscreen and wear the wide-brimmed hat whenever you go out.

We are at the Dermatology Institute of Southern California. We are proud to provide the most cutting-edge treatments available to assist our patients in improving their appearance and increasing their confidence in themselves. If you’re looking to smooth out discoloration, scarring, wrinkles, or other imperfections in the skin, Fraxel is a laser procedure that could provide the ideal solution.¬†Contact us now to learn more about the possibility that Fraxel could be the right choice for you!

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