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We combine our artisanal knowledge with our understanding of perfume types and formulas to create a fragrance that lasts throughout the day. The proper preparation and application style is required to wear your favorite scent all day and night. Discover how to apply your perfume, spray your fragrance on your clothes and body, and store it for long-lasting and brilliant wear.

Find a signature fragrance to express masculinity and femininity in a charismatic, sophisticated, or modern way. Perfumes, colognes, and other scents can help create a mood and capture the memories we make.

All of our fragrances are made to last. Our step-by-step guide will help you to apply your perfume perfectly how to apply perfume to ensure you enjoy the layers of notes throughout your wear. Read on to find the best fragrances for both men and women that last a long time.

How to prolong the life of perfume

The scents we wear reflect our moods, aspirations, and identities. For wear, your perfume or cologne must remain on your skin to convey sultry, elegant, or sophisticated emotions. You may have wondered, “How long does perfume last?”. The answer is dependent on several factors.

It’s essential to consider the fragrances you layer, as your perfumes may not be your only scented products. Deodorants with solid scents can overpower subtler aromas. Wearing fragrance-free skincare helps each stage of your perfume to carry.

Learn how to use cologne or perfume for long-lasting wear properly.

How to prepare skin for perfume

To be effective, the notes of a perfume must sit comfortably on your skin. Your skin must be adequately hydrated to achieve this. Begin by moisturizing your skin with CremaNera Supreme Reviving Creme. Our skin moisturizers contain oils that help perfumes stay on the skin longer. Use scented moisturizers that complement your perfume or cologne.

Spray perfume in the right places

Preparing your skin before applying perfume is equally essential as the location where you use it. The movement, heat, and pH level of our bodies and the fragrances we wear support their strength. Where should you put your perfume? Concentrate on the pulse points of your body – those areas where the blood is most concentrated. Spray perfume on the neck, wrists behind your ears and knees, crooks of your elbows, and ankles for a long-lasting scent. This is because the heat from these areas will help your perfume develop.

How to Apply Perfume

It would be best if you did not overapply your perfume or cologne. Paying attention to your scent is the key to knowing how to apply perfume or cologne. Each note in a fragrance – the top, middle, and base – needs space to shine. Spray in short bursts on the most critical areas of your skin and cotton, wool, cashmere, or silk.

Keep your fragrances in a safe place

Proper storage is essential to preserving your perfume. Keep your signature fragrances in dark, cool places. Bathrooms are humid, so choose a room that is cool and neutral. Avoid shaking your bouquet, as the oxygen it releases can dull its scent. Our fragrances lasts longer on the skin when used as Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette. Please keep them in a cool, dry place to preserve their freshness.

Women’s long-lasting perfume

Our range of women perfumes will help you express your unique style and radiance. Choose a fruity fragrance like si Eau de Parfum EDP with licorice and blackcurrant notes. Choose a floral scent like My Way Eau De Parfum for an aroma that speaks of curiosity and authenticity. My Way Eau De Parfum Refill bottles are made of high-quality materials and last a long time.

Long-lasting men’s perfume

The range of fragrances for men is designed to last. Your unique style and scent preferences will determine the best long-lasting perfume for men. If you are choosing a cologne for someone else, consider the emotions and traits that each note represents. Look for a masculine fragrance with marine notes, such as Acqua di Gio Profondo. Choose a woody fragrance such as Acqua di Gio Asbolu Fragrance for warmth and sensuality.

Our guide to perfume notes will help you understand the fragrance layers.

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