How 3 Thoughts Transformed My Daily Weightloss Journey

I am blessed to have the best work in this world. I am on the frontline, seeing people transform their lives every single day. It’s especially satisfying because I’ve experienced what it’s like. Your entire world opens to you once you decide to get your health in order for the better. As a nutritionist with Total Health and Fitness, I’ve not just helped to create success stories for our clients, but I have also been the story of success with my 100-lb weight loss! In this post, I’ll provide the key strategies that helped me implement changes every day. I hope that you can identify with them, try them, and live the life you’ve been searching for, just as I certainly did.

Every person’s fitness journey is different. However, we are often convinced that there is a one-size-fits-all method of improving our Fitness. It is essential to pay attention to your own experience. The best way to achieve lasting success is when you discover the things that work for you and let the rest go. Although my strategies to achieve weight loss were different, there are some ideas to consider as you prepare to start working towards your Fitness and health goals.

When I look back to 100 pounds ago, one of the biggest shifts that enabled me to continue to work day in and day out was my sense of accountability.

When I look back to 100 pounds ago, one of the main shifts that enabled me to continue to work day in and day out was the need to be accountable. I realized that my goals weren’t going to be accomplished overnight. The scale did not show any of the same changes each day. However, I had to work hard each day. I needed to find a motive to be mindful of the food I was eating and engage in enough physical activity to notice the changes I desired so desperately. There may be goals that take several months or weeks to reach; however, it requires you to work at it day in and day out every day. When you consider a successful story from a different perspective, it’s always thrilling and inspiring. If you asked those who have achieved their weight loss goals about what the “secret” was during their journey, they’d almost always claim that they did their best and stuck to their plan despite frustrations with not losing more weight and keeping their eyes on the final goal. Be aware that someone losing 100 pounds over an entire year can only lose 1.9 pounds per week! It is important to keep the larger picture in mind but remain focused on the present. In order to achieve that, accountability is essential. There are many ways to be accountable. If you’re inspired by social interaction,  having a trustworthy person who will help you achieve and setting periodic time to assess whether you’re succeeding or not – is essential. Another way to stay accountable is to keep an exercise and food journal. Journals can also be used to plan out your challenges. For many, a scheduled appointment to attend could be just what you need to keep from eating the extra cookie, do the extra exercise, or keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

The other thing that led to my success was having a plan.

The second factor that helped me achieve my goals was having a plan. It may seem evident, but many times, we’re not sure of how we can increase our Fitness. The idea that you’d like to lose weight or build muscle isn’t enough. The mere fact that you know you need to eat better and exercise isn’t enough and could actually be detrimental to you. In my professional life, I’ve witnessed many people in the first person who thought they were doing “good” and using all their determination to adhere to a restrictive diet. In many instances, these individuals lived a miserable and unhealthy life only to discover they were harming their metabolisms by eating too little or unbalanced diets. It is important to know the way things work in general. However, it also requires particular knowledge about your own life and skills. It is here that magic could be created. A nutritionist who is an expert works with an expert in your day-to-day life(you) and will help you achieve the right balance that is not just in line with your lifestyle and busy schedule but is actually effective! If you’re working with a professional or yourself, study the science behind diet and weight loss to make a customized plan for your needs instead of following the advice of your friend, neighbor, or family member. It’s rewarding to hear that clients are amazed at the results they achieve without the hunger and insanity of crash diets that have not worked each year.

The path to Fitness has many more things than the reduction of waist circumference.

Remember that the path to Fitness has lots more than the reduction in waist circumference. It is essential to take pleasure in your Fitness, no matter the point you are in your journey. I tried to be grateful for all the little changes I saw throughout the process. If it was not feeling exhausted when climbing stairs, moving one notch in my belt and feeling more energetic all day long, and not being bloated or feeling less bloated, all these small improvements added to a loss of 100 pounds for me. Our bodies are incredible and can accomplish a lot of things. Take a look at what you can do right now and be happy about the process. It’s the first day that you decide to get started! Yes, it’s hard work. It indeed takes time. Take note of how much pleasure you’re having or how much you’re satisfied with taking back control of the way you look and feel. For me, this was an experience that took time. It was quite a shock to learn that I really enjoyed running, for instance. In the beginning, I wouldn’t say I liked it and could not run longer than 10 seconds at any one stretch. In time, it became one of my preferred ways to relax and make friends. It’s possible that you won’t enjoy running, but you’ll discover the benefits of exercising that are far more than the numbers on the scale or what size clothes you’re able to fit into. Begin today or continue. If you’re already on your fitness journey, make use of the tools of daily accountability, prepare, and have fun!

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