How long does brow lamination last

The popularity of brow lamination has grown over the years. It recreates the look of thick, bushy eyebrows. Brow lamination can be used by those who want a more ‘brushed up’ look but find it difficult to control their brows because they are too delicate or straight.

Is the brow lamination permanent?

Brow lamination usually lasts between four and six weeks. It can last up to 8 weeks, depending on how you care for your eyebrows. It is recommended that your brows are re-laminated after four to six weeks to ensure they maintain their look for a more extended period.


The actual brow lamination procedure takes only 15-20 minutes. Some brow lamination treatments include tinting or waxing the brows before or after. This can take up to 30-40 minutes at a salon.


The cost of brow lamination varies depending on the location. It can range from PS30 to PS50.


Consultation, A brow expert will consult with you and map your brows to find the perfect style.

Step 1: Your tech will position the eyebrows upward using Brow Fix after cleansing them. This ensures that all Brow Lamination products target the entire brow, from the tip to the root. This solution keeps the brows in position throughout the treatment.

Step 2:Brow style is applied to the eyebrows. This cream breaks down the hair bonds, which allows them to be manipulated in a new form. The solution is applied to the eyebrows for a certain amount of time, depending on how the hair looks.

Step 3: A brow set is applied to the eyebrows. This solution fixes the hair into its new position. Depending on the hair condition, the answer is applied to the eyebrows for a certain amount of time.

Step 5: Brow Nourish is applied after removing all product traces from the eyebrows. This brow serum contains keratin and will hydrate the hair.

Step 6: The eyebrows are brushed to the desired position. This position can be adjusted depending on what look you want. The brows can either be brushed upwards or into a natural shape.

Watch our Hi Brow Lamination Video below to learn how to manipulate the brows into the desired position to achieve the laminated appearance.

Can I laminate my eyebrows at home?

Due to the chemicals used, It’s best left to a beauty therapist trained in this treatment.

Is a Lash Lift the same as a BROW LAMINATION?

The brow lamination treatment is similar to the lash lift. Both treatments enhance what you already have by manipulating hairs using chemicals. This treatment is usually paired with a brow dye to give a more improved and bold look.

Clients often decide to have both the brow lamination and lash lift treatments done simultaneously, as both are great for enhancing a natural appearance.

Is it necessary to test the patch before brow lamination?

Hi, Brow brow lamination products do not require patch testing. As a precaution, your technician may suggest a patch test. A patch test can be done if you have sensitive or irritable skin. It is best to discuss this with your technician before the treatment.

Only tinting solutions are subject to a patch test before application. Tinting can be added to brow lamination treatments as an option.


Brow Lamination can be a safe and effective treatment that gives you fuller eyebrows with just one treatment. This treatment is more affordable than other brow treatments like microblading, and the results are immediate. This is an excellent treatment if you want a look that’s easy to maintain.

It’s also very trendy right now, so if you want to try this new look, it’s time to get them laminated!

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