How to get your child to eat more vegetables

Naturally Yours “Finish your vegetable” is a common phrase heard at mealtimes in all homes.

This is what our parents told us a thousand times when we were little, and we continue to repeat it to our children.

Children often become negotiating tables when they are trying to get their vegetables. In an effort to get their children to eat vegetables, parents will use every trick in the book. They may coax, coax, threaten with reduced TV time and even threaten them with bribery.

It is not easy for parents to get their children to eat healthy. In the hope that children will enjoy vegetables, we are always trying to find ways to incorporate them into our meals.

“Mask” the flavors

The biological disposition of children to avoid vegetables is a strong one.

Mother nature uses smell and taste to tell us if something is toxic or safe for our health. The taste of sweeter plants is generally safe, while those with a bitter taste are poisonous or contain toxins.

Children naturally avoid bitter foods like cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, and other leafy greens.

To ensure that these vegetables are eaten in adequate quantities, children can mask their natural tastes with a flavor they actually like.

A simple broccoli stir-fry can be transformed into a delicious side dish. It will be a hit with children, as it tastes like pizza.

To spice up vegetables, use sauces and dips. Curd can also be used to pair with fresh cut vegetables. Raita can be substituted for plain salads.

You can try different cooking methods such as frying, baking and pureeing. You should not be afraid to try different ways of presenting vegetables.

You can make the vegetables look more fun by cutting them into simple shapes such as stars or hearts or making a carrot face using a tomato smiley and a piece of bread.

This trick is a favorite of small children. You can also make a sandwich with colorful fillings, or a rainbow salad and your choice of homemade dip.

Stock on stock

Plain vegetable stock can be a versatile and nutritious ingredient.

Make a basic vegetable stock and store it by boiling chopped carrots, celery leaves, white onions, cabbage cauliflower, etc. In a saucepan, heat water. Add salt and a few garlic pods.

You can make it more flavorful by adding some herbs such as parsley, thyme, or basil.

Strain the water and cool it in a bowl. You can puree the boiled vegetables and mix it with soups or curries.

You can use vegetable stock in soups, salad dressings, curry gravies, and to flavor rice dishes such as pulav.

The best way to use this stock is when making rotis. My kids don’t notice any difference in the taste of this stock when I use it to make rotis.

Use vegetable powders to make vegetables disappear from children’s meals.

These vegetable powders can be purchased in stores or made at home. Powdered vegetables can make your food more colorful.

Tapioca powder and arrowroot powder are high in starch and can be substituted for corn flour.

In south India, raw banana powder is used to make traditional baby food. Raw banana powder porridge can be easily digested and is extremely nutritious.

Vegetable Dosas

For at least six hours, soak rice and urad daal (ratio 2:1). This mixture should be incorporated in a mixer-grinder along with enough water to make batter. Make dosas with the batter if you prefer non-fermented. Otherwise, you can keep the batter in an open container outside overnight.

Add carrots or beetroot to the batter by grating them. One to two tablespoons. Finely chop tomatoes and onions. Salt to taste Make sure that the vegetables are chopped finely or minced. This will ensure that they are well blended into the batter, and that they cook evenly so that they don’t stand out.

Place the oil on a skillet and heat it. Spread the batter on a flat surface to make colorful dosas.

In season, you can substitute raw uraddal for raw jack-fruit. As usual, soak and grind rice along with two dried red chilies and salt. The jackfruit seeds should be thrown out. Then, cut them into small pieces and grind them individually. You should have a rice-jackfruit ratio of 1 to 2. The rice batter should be mixed with the pureed Jackfruit. You can also add some curry leaves and pepper corns to the rice batter. To make delicious jackfruit dosas, pour it onto a tava.

The benefits of Carrots and beets both have high levels of dietary fiber. They aid digestion and maintain a healthy gut. They are also high in antioxidants. Vitamins C, B and E are found in Jackfruit. It is high in Vitamin A due to its carotenoid.

Mixed vegetable sauce for pasta

In a large saucepan, heat olive oil and stir in chopped garlic and onions. Next, add chopped vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers and celery. Cook for a few more minutes.

Salt, chili peppers, dried herbs such as basil or oregano, and a pinch of fresh mint are all you need to make the flavors come alive. Add the freshly purée tomatoes to the pot and cook until the vegetables are tender.

Cook the boiled chickpeas for 2 more minutes. Mix the ingredients in a blender until you get a creamy, spicy sauce.

This sauce can be used instead of the one you buy at the grocery store.

The benefits of This sauce is a nutritious food. Chickpeas are high in protein, which helps meet the child’s daily nutritional needs. Vitamin A found in zucchini is beneficial for the immune system. It also contains Vitamin K and Magnesium, which can strengthen bones.

Savory oats pancakes

Combine some powdered oatmeal and buttermilk with a few drops of lemon zest. Make sure to add enough water to make a thick batter. Allow this to sit for between 25 and 20 minutes.

You can also add vegetables, such as finely shredded cabbage, boiled green beans, shredded spinach and carrots, or thinly cut beans, chopped onion, tomatoes, and a few pods of garlic.

Salt to taste. Add a teaspoon of garam masala powder. Mix together and add one teaspoon of fruit salt. Stir well.

To make small pancakes, heat the skillet and grease it with butter/oil. If you leave the oat batter for too long, it will thicken. To maintain consistency, add water as necessary.

The benefits of Oatmeal helps to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. This recipe contains a great source of vitamins, iron and zinc.

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