How to stay active even when you’re busy

Even if you are busy, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can find physical activities to suit your needs, regardless of your daily routine, lifestyle, or health.

You can exercise regularly, when you have time, or mix both.

Find out how to overcome common excuses that you use for not exercising.

About getting active

Exercise and activity are easy to push to the back of your to-do lists. Being active every day is essential for your health.

You may not be able to reduce your time commitments, but you can squeeze in short bursts to keep you active. It doesn’t matter how small the effort is.

Exercise is more likely to be successful if:

Consult an AUSactive-registered professional or accredited exercise physiologist for advice on how to exercise safely and avoid injury

Choose activities that you enjoy.

Track your progress and feel proud of your achievements.

Learn a few exercises you can do easily and quickly when you feel time-poor.

Create a realistic plan of exercise that fits your lifestyle.

You can do it quickly and easily if you have little time. You’ll improve your long-term health by making sure you get some exercise every day.

Get active and reap the benefits

Aside from the benefits of being healthier and happier, you can also save money and time by reducing medical expenses and sick leave.

Fitting activity into your daily life

Everyone has their routine. Each day can be unique. On some days, you may have plenty of time to exercise. On other days, it could be limited. Here are a few suggestions to help you through the day.

Exercise in a Block Session

You may prefer to exercise when you have time rather than a 30-minute or an hour-long session. You must plan, mainly if your schedule includes family obligations and other activities. Take a look at these tips.

Exercise early in the day before your schedule gets busy. Set an alarm if you are a morning person. Allow yourself at least two exercise mornings if you have trouble getting up early. If you like it, keep doing it!

Plan your workout in your calendar or diary. If you schedule your exercise session in advance, it will be easier to fit other activities around it.

Commit to exercising with someone else. When you feel like you are letting someone else down, it’s harder to cancel.

Choose an activity that you enjoy. If you enjoy running, don’t go swimming. And if team sports like basketball are more fun and social for you, choose them.

Consider the time it takes to travel. While you can walk or run anywhere, going to the gym takes extra time.

Exercise every day

If you are unable to fit in scheduled sessions or blocks of time, try these tips for squeezing in five to thirty-minute blocks.

Exercise while doing something else you do regularly, like shopping, walking your dog, or doing household chores.

Lift the milk bottle several times before you store it.

If you are going shopping, park your car at the end of the parking lot and then walk quickly to the stores.

Consider whether you need a car or can walk or bike instead.

Walk the remainder of the distance after you get off the bus.

Walk to the colleague’s workstation instead of calling or sending an email.

Stretch your legs, lift your arms, and do some trunk rotations if you are stuck at your desk.

Standing or walking meetings are preferable to sitting-down ones.

Use the stairs instead of an escalator or lift whenever possible.

Balance on one foot and then the other while waiting in line. Increase the time you can stand on one foot.

Stand up while talking on the telephone and perform a few leg lifts or toe stands to strengthen your legs.

While waiting for the kettle, try wall push-ups, and calf stretches.

Do ten squats when you brush your teeth.

Do core exercises and stretches while watching TV or riding a stationary bicycle. Try 20-star jumps or 20 couch push-ups.

If you are walking, walk quickly and try to include some hills.

Stretch your arms to reach high items and squat down to see things on the floor.

Parents are always busy

It cannot be easy to juggle exercise with kids. With a bit of help, you can manage. Get active with your family by using these ideas.

Plan outings with your family that includes physical activities (such as cycling, hiking, or swimming).

You can stroll, swim, build a sandcastle, or fly a kite on the beach.

Instead of driving your children to school, walk with them or ride a bike once or twice weekly.

If your child lives too far away from school to walk there, you can park 10 minutes from the school.

You can walk or bike to a cafĂ© or friend’s home for a play date.

Play as a group. Play together as a family.

Plan activities for your family that include walking. If you visit the zoo or park, go to a fair at school, or enjoy a fun park, a museum, or an art gallery, everyone will be on their feet for a long time.

Engage the children in gardening. You can all work together to weed, plant, and dig.

Working hard at work

It may seem that your job is sedentary, but you can make it more active. Use these tips to become more active at your workplace.

Join a walking or running group for lunch. Is no group available? Is no group available?

You may be able to do some yoga, swimming, or gym exercises before or after work or during your lunch hour, depending on the facilities in your building.

Ask your boss for a standing desk. Plan standing or walking meetings.

You can also walk and talk while you meet.

Every 30 minutes, stand up and move around. Every 30 minutes, get up and move.

Take a walk for lunch, preferably outdoors.

Rotate standing tasks with sitting tasks.

Standing up to greet guests or while on the phone is a good idea (especially if you have a headset or speakerphone).

Instead of waiting for colleagues to come to you or talk on the phone or by email, speak to them at their desks.

Instead of using the lift, use the stairs.

Drink more water. You can break your sitting time by going to the bathroom and water cooler.

Remove your bin from your desk.

Try to embrace the movement. It’s okay to be busy to maintain good health. It could be a mere excuse.

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