In 2023, you can grow your channel with these fitness video ideas

YouTube is a great place to post videos to improve your marketing strategy. Making it big on YouTube takes time to happen. To increase the size of your YouTube channel and, thus, your business’s reach and engagement, you will need a strategy that allows you to produce content frequently.

You’ll need to develop a list of ideas for making high-quality videos look professional. Sign up for InVideo’s video editor to bring your ideas to life. We have done the work for you if you are still looking for ideas. We’ve put together 15 creative ideas for fitness videos to inspire you with your fitness content strategy.

Debunking common fitness myths

There’s a lot to learn about fitness, which can confuse beginners. You can build a stronger relationship with your audience and establish yourself as an expert by creating videos that dispel fitness myths. Check out this YouTube video on fitness. This video features an expert in Sports Nutrition who dispels common fitness myths. It also clarifies some misconceptions that people might have about nutrition and health.

A myth-busting video is valuable to all viewers, whether they are new fitness enthusiasts or have been working out for years. It also makes them more trusting of you with their fitness.

You can work with an expert in your field, as in the video below, or do your research. Then creatively present your findings. You can also use your years of experience and observation to create myth-busting material. A simple talking head will usually do. You can add some spice to your video by adding animation, text, and music in the YouTube editor. Here’s an alternative template that you can use. You can add your footage, edit the text, and have a fantastic video in minutes.

Give tips on creating a workout schedule

People often develop a plan of exercise before committing to fitness goals. A project is the best way to ensure that a habit sticks, and it also applies to exercise schedules. Fitness videos that feature a short guide by professional trainers are a great way to promote your fitness brand.

Check out this video by nutritionist and personal trainer Joannah Soh. She explains the importance of consistency and variety when creating a workout plan. She emphasizes that everyone is unique and should have a customized workout plan. Her many years as a personal trainer allow her to do this.

You can make a short how-to video by showing a simple exercise plan and explaining how you created it for yourself or your client. Mention the important points they should keep in mind. This can be done quickly by script first and then shooting. You could create a video in text format. You can use this template:

Create a video on ‘how to correct your posture

Many people spend their days sitting at a desk, whether working, studying, or doing something else. Making a video about ‘how to correct your posture’ is a great way to remind your audience of the importance of fixing their posture and provide a guide for how to do it.

Nuffield Health’s video is an excellent example of this. One of their senior physiotherapists explains how to maintain a good posture while working all day. The physiotherapist explains the issues that can arise when you have poor posture. He also mentions some key points to remember for maintaining good posture. Finally, he shows you how to improve your posture.

This simple idea can be executed to deliver incredible value to your audience within 5-10 minutes. You must make sure you film yourself while explaining and demonstrating correct posture. Text can be added to your video containing all your main points. InVideo’s YouTube Editor will allow you to combine this quickly and easily. In just a few steps, you can have a video that looks professional. You can use this template to create a video about improving your posture.

Create a testimonial video for your clients

Testimonial Videos form the foundation of any good marketing strategy. Customers are more likely to believe the words of other customers than the company. One of the best ways to demonstrate social proof is by creating testimonial videos for your clients.

In this example video, different customers talk about their experiences with physiotherapy in the physical therapy clinic. The customers describe how long they’ve been going to the gym and talk about their experience with fitness training through their initial problems and progress. They mention the features they enjoy about their training so that viewers can get a true sense of what it is like to train in that environment.

You’ll need to film and interview your customers for a testimonial video like this one. Learn more by reading our article testimonial videos. Written testimonials can be a good alternative if you like something other than film. You can create a testimonial video quickly by changing the template’s text. This template is what we recommend:

Do a Giveaway!

To get your YouTube video to do well, you must ensure that your audience heavily views it. Giveaways are a great way to increase your brand’s exposure! You can use them to build your network, increase brand awareness, create an audience, promote your channel and video, and improve customer relationships. Choosing giveaways that will attract your target audience and community is essential. You’ll also need to determine your goals for the giveaway. This will help you decide what actions you want your audience to perform to enter the contest.

Check out this video. This giveaway video is a promotion for a fitness journal. To enter, you must like the video and leave a comment on ‘what makes you most stressed.’ The video offers tips for staying fit when you are stressed. In the intro and the outro, the giveaway details are given. This video provides both value and an incentive at the end, with giveaway details.

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