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Anyone who’s read one of my reviews on foundations with a “before” picture knows I’m prone to having lots of skin redness. Thank you for the annoying late-set acne! Recently my skin has significantly improved, but not as straightforward as I’d like; however, I suffer from occasional red breakouts and plenty of healing red spots due to the acne I had earlier. Due to this (actually, I first began using it when my acne was getting angrier), I decided to try Cosmetics”Bye bye redness” the chance to try. So far, I’ve tried more than my fair share of tests and can now review this tiny pot of beauty for you!

Be ready to see some frightening close-ups of my bloody, red face.

It hides the redness, which is why it’s great for scars, acne, and birthmarks.

A tiny dot can go away, blending effortlessly and effortlessly into the skin.

It’s always there! Although it may fade in the day, a good amount of coverage will remain when you’re ready to take off your makeup.

It can be used in conjunction with or without foundation. It can be used with or over the foundation.

For spot concealers, it’s about as lightweight as you could be.

Moving onto the cons:

Since it’s very thick, it could appear cakey if applied excessively.

The thickness can also emphasize the appearance of pores, Dryness, texture irregularity, and unevenness.

When used under the eyes, the eyelids could crease and settle into fine lines.

It’s only available in one shade; therefore, should it not match your complexion, you’ll need to apply foundation (it does match my skin quite well, so I could put it on and head out the door whenever needed).

It’s a bit costly for the small amount. However, you only need a tiny amount to conceal that it’s likely to last for quite a while.

It’s not the best choice for an overall foundation since it is incredibly thick and heavy (it’s not designed to be used on the entire face. However, itĀ could be applied this way depending on your skin tone.).

It’s a silicone-based product that could be extremely painful and comedogenic for many individuals (fortunately, I’ve not experienced any issues with it).

There are more pros than cons. However, I believe that there are pros to Far. The pros outweigh the cons unless your skin can’t take the silicones. Therefore, as some of the cons can be addressed with applied techniques, I’ll go over my experience with applying the “Bye bye” redness. If I’m using foundation, I’ll first use it. After that, I begin with the tiniest dot of Bye Bye Redness I can find at the tips of my ring finger, and then I lightly apply it on the area you’re trying to neutralize. I do not touch until there’s nothing on my fingers – there’s, but there’s no blend yet. Then, I get additional cream or mix the dots with the same fingers. I prefer using my ring finger since it is the easiest and quickest method of blending with my ring finger. It also has the lowest pressure, so washing off all your hard work is more complicated.

I simply dab, dab, and dab the concealer on any spots until they disappear within my skin. That’s it! Should it become uneven in texture or appear too heavy, I’ll get the foundation brush (usually the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush or the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) and lightly dab your area till it appears acceptable. I typically apply loose powder to keep it in place for longer. That’s it! Make sure not to apply it on the areas of my cheeks where my pores are the most obvious, and if I do happen to notice a zit, I will use extreme precautions not to blend it beyond the red spot. I find Bye Bye Redness to be quite simple and fast to apply. The biggest trick is to keep only a tiny amount in the area you want to use. (For these images, I kept the angles and lighting as close as possible; however, the light was constantly coming and moving. Additionally, I am using just The Bye Bye Redness colored areas without foundation. Also, I’m sorry you have to be able to see my flaws in the best of their splendor!

So, what’s my opinion? The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness was terrific! I’ve had to fight with so many redness issues for what feels like So long. Concealers that are standard take too long for my tastes and never indeed Cover the concealed. Then I feel as if I have found an excellent product that hides the redness efficiently and effectively without diminishing excessively throughout the day. It’s an individualized product. If you’re suffering from some minor redness in your nose, you do not require something like this. Still, I strongly recommend using this product for those who suffer from scarring, acne or rosacea, or any redness that is beyond the capabilities of a typical concealer. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Give it a shot. It’s been my lifesaver!

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