Kevyn aucoin mascara

It doesn’t matter if it’s length, volume, or separation, or all of this mascara is an essential part of our everyday routines because of how fast and efficiently it will bring our eyes to life and instantly increase the size of our eyelashes. Although you may have your preferences about what mascara can accomplish for you, every mascara formulation and brush has been created to meet a range of demands from anyone looking to notice a change in their lashes. Before doing so, I tried Kevyn Aucoin’s Volume Mascara to see whether it would instantly add volume to my lashes impressive lashes.

The brand’s history: Launched in 2001 by the pioneering makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty offers makeup and tools rooted in the expertise of its name’s creator in creativity, innovation, and a sense of humor.

What I Like About My Skin Everyday wearer of makeup

Mascara is among my top products because I love how it instantly changes my eyes. I also love the fact that I wear it with or without makeup products like eyeliner or eyeshadow. My eyelashes are pretty long (I’ve been using lash growth serums over the years). My eyelashes will also undergo phases when they shed and then grow back to different lengths, which is normal.

If I’m looking at mascara, I think about the following What will it do to give me more volume and allow me to separate my lashes so that they aren’t clumped? I wear makeup daily, and my everyday makeup products include foundation concealer, blusher and highlighter, bronzer, brow gel, and mascara. Some of the brands I frequently wear include Victoria Beckham Beauty Nars in addition to Giorgio Armani Beauty.

How to Apply: Straight-forward

Like all mascaras applying this one is quite simple; however, there are a few points to remember for the most effective results from this mascara. First, this brush is much smaller than the other mascara brushes, so you must place it on the base of your lashes. Then, move it around to begin applying. Use the brush for each lash to be coated, gently bend the lashes and move them upwards to create volume. Because the brush is small, it will require at least three or four coats before getting the formula to set and take hold.

Another option to utilize this mascara is to use this mascara as your base coat or top coat if you enjoy mixing several mascaras to get the desired outcomes. Because it can help increase volume and separate lashes, it’s a fantastic product to combine with other mascaras for something different.

The Results: Just just a couple of coats

I needed to apply a couple of coats to feel this mascara’s effects start to transpire indeed.

I immediately noticed that the formula added to the volume of my eyelashes and did not change throughout the day.

Infrequently, I discover that I have to apply mascara throughout the day for my eyes to look a bit lifted. However, that was not necessary with this particular formula. It took just a few coats to make my lashes appear as separate as I desired; however, overall, the makeup was well-behaved, did not flake or get smudged, and was removed easily using a makeup remover when I was done with the day.

Its Value is a little costly

For the price of $28, the mascara costs more than most others; however, if quantity is your goal, you’ll discover it to be a great choice, regardless of the length your lashes may be. If you notice that you have longer, thinner lashes, this mascara is the most beneficial investment you can make.

Similar Products: Less expensive alternatives

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Longening mascara ($26 ): With the brush being slightly more significant than the Volume Mascara, this mascara from Benefit Cosmetics assures instant length after application. It also helps split lashes. Bristles allow you to hold close to the roots of the lashes, ensuring that each one is coated correctly and appears rich and full.

A Makeup Artist’s Review of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Original Mascara ($11): The small, precise wand that comes with the L’Oreal mascara is ideal for smaller eyelashes requiring volume and length assistance. The comb is used to separate eyelashes. The latter part of the wand provides more volume and length.

Final Verdict

Kevyn Aucoin’s The Volume Mascara is worth adding length and volume to your mascaras. Use it alone or as a top coat for other mascaras for separation and a gorgeous black pigment.

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