Lash lift before and after

If there’s a thing in this world that I’ve found to be the truth, it’s that Lash lifts could be great or terrible.

How can I tell this? Because I’ve had both. Yes, there is a distinction.

I’ve had my lashes lifted and tinted each 6-8 weeks for the past three years. I have done this for several reasons, including:

The natural lashes of my eyes are transparent.

I don’t particularly appreciate wearing mascara all day (and it will always end up all over my… cheeks).

My eyelash extensions were becoming expensive.

I’m lazy, and getting a lift for my lashes and eyebrows groomed will mean I’m half-ready when I get up at dawn.

Lash lifts (also called perms for your lashes) are the fastest and most effective way to look like you’re wearing mascara even though you’re not. But it’s essential to know a few differences between lash lifts. Only some are created similarly, and they could fail if performed correctly.

To find out the truth, I contacted Kristin Fisher, the founder of Fisher Eyebrows creator, and the founder of the company and eyebrow as well as eyelash lifting queen Kristin Fisher to share everything you must be aware of when it comes to getting the best eyelash lift.

And I’ll demonstrate precisely how it should (and should not) appear in my eyelash lifts before and after pictures.

What Is a Lash Lift?

Fisher claims, “The perfect lash lift treatment works by boosting and lifting each individual lash to its full natural potential, combined with tinting the lash to give the illusion of thickness. Overall, you should see a more dramatic looking lash.”

How Does a Lash Lift Work?

This is a step-by-step guide to how Fisher, as well as her crew, complete every lift of the lash:

“First, we wash and dry the lashes and place silicon eye shields on your eyelids.”

“Upper lashes are then combed and attached to a silicon rod to hold their shape.”

“We apply a solution that softens the hair so the lashes can hold their new shape. The solution is left on the lashes for a few minutes or so, depending on how well the lashes hold a curl.”

“Next, we apply a second lotion that sets the lashes and hardens the lash hairs so the new shape is locked in.”

“The final step is a tint for the lashes to help the eye look more open and dramatic – we either tint upper and lower lashes, or sometimes only the upper lashes need tinting.”

Okay, great. But what do lash lifts feel like? Weird. It also smells strange.

If you’ve never experienced an eyelash lift before, you might find the experience slightly uncomfortable since it is difficult to open your eyes for about an hour. Also, the treatments have a strong smell. However, I find the process very soothing.

You can learn more about lash lifting and extensions of the lash on this segment of the BeautyIQ Uncensored podcast!

How Much Does a Lash Lift Cost?

A good lash lift may be priced at around $100. This includes $20-30 for the tint of your eyelashes.

For instance, at Kristin Fisher Eyebrows in Sydney, I shell out $120 for my eyelash tint and lift for my brows.

My Good Lash Lift Before and After

Like Fisher said, here are my before and after pictures of a recent lash lift.

The lashes appear lifted – but not excessively curled. They are also shiny and black due to the tint.

Notice: Your lashes will appear split immediately after the lift; however, once you’ve got them wet (more about that later), they will become soft and silky.

Here’s what my lash lift appeared after a couple of days of having it done in a salon. There was no mascara. No lash curling.

What About a Lash Lift Gone Wrong? What Does a Bad Lash Lift Look Like?

Fisher states that an unintentional lash lift can appear as a variety of things, which include:

Lashes that are not evenly distributed.

Curled lashes that rest on your eyelids or beneath the arch of your brow.

Hairs that have burned or singed.

“If there is an issue with the distribution of solution evenly across the lashes correctly, this could result in a poor lift. It is also possible to leave the solution in too long, as it will process the chemicals.”

“Lashes can also end up over-curled or curling back into themselves. We prefer to deliver a natural fanned out lift that’s quite feminine and subtle.”

The same thing happened to me. That is precisely what occurred to me after a lash lift that was not working.

It’s even worse when the lashes continue curling within the first 24 hours after the lift. Here’s what a lash lift that has been over-curled appears like.

I thought it caused my eyes and lashes to appear smaller and tight, which isn’t what I wanted.

How Soon Can I Re-Do a Lash Lift?

As with everything that gives you the feeling that you’ve got a solid 17/10 score, Lash lifts are addictive. Fisher’s advice?

“Don’t be tempted to get the treatment done again too soon, six weeks should be the minimum time in between lifts. Once the lashes start to look lighter and less uniform, you’ll know it’s time to book your next lift.”

Lash Lift Aftercare

What you do with your lashes for the next 24 hours after the appointment could determine the success or failure of the lift. Then, they’re straightforward to maintain.

Within a 24 to 48-hour period, try not to get your lashes wet. This includes avoiding steam, water, exercise, or anything else that could cause your lashes to come into contact with humidity or moisture.

Do not wear eye makeup, especially mascara, in the initial few days.

The lash lift will develop over four – to six weeks in line with your natural 30-40-day growth cycle for your lashes.

If your lash lift is growing strangely, don’t worry. It’s common for your eyes to be in different directions towards the close of the lash growth cycle, which is a sign that you’re prepared for the next time you have an eyelash lift appointment!

Are Lash Lifts Worth It?

However, I’m a woman with invisibly swollen lashes and don’t like wearing mascara. I believe the time and expense of investment are worth waking up to flawless lashes each day. People who have naturally straight, short lashes would be in agreement.

If you have naturally long, curly lashes, it’s unlikely that you’ll see any gain from the lash lift. It’s the same if you cannot be bothered and are happy to get similar results with curling your lashes and applying mascara.

However, regular, high-quality eyelash lifts are a lazy woman’s most influential beauty hack.

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