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Do you believe us when we told you it’s possible to get flawless skin using only four products? Yes, it’s true, but you don’t have to be told it by us. To celebrate Abu Dhabi Beauty Week, Laura Mercier’s Artistry & Education Director EMEA, Michel Coulomb, sat down with Grazia to discuss the steps to achieve a flawless, perfected complexion.

How do I apply the 4-step process for getting Laura’s Flawless Face? After using your skincare routine, the four steps to get Laura’s Flawless Face are: Apply a small amount of Pure Canvas Primer all over the face. Second, apply your Tinted Moisturizing Cream or your Foundation and then your concealer or camouflage. Finally, use the Translucent loose-setting powder to prepare your makeup throughout the day,

How can we apply Laura Mercier’s adored Translucent Setting Powder without looking cakey?

This beloved and multi-award-winning setting powder sets your makeup for up to 16 hours without adding weight or texture. To set your makeup flawlessly, pour a small amount of powder inside the lid. After that, you must use the Velour Puff (not a Powder Brush! ). Then, dip the folded Puff in the cover to grab some powder. Then fold the Puff in half and apply the powder to the Puff to ensure it’s coated. Place the Puff on top of your hands to eliminate any excess powder. Then fold the Puff to the way it was originally folded. Carefully “press and roll” the Puff onto the face, working it into your skin. The powder should disperse. Here’s a tip to determine whether you have applied enough powder and pressure to the skin. If it feels sticky on the skin, you’ll need to use more powder.

Which are some of your top techniques and tips for perfect skin?

For a flawless, radiant complexion throughout the day, I suggest you be aware of your skin’s requirements and adjust your beauty routine to meet them. Your skin’s needs will vary based on the season and period of the year. For foundations, use less! Laura is always adamant about using foundation to balance their skin tone. She suggests applying it only when you require it. Using the correct tools and brushes can make an enormous difference in your complexion’s final appearance and texture. The trick is simple, but you should use the most clean brushes and tools!

How important is it? Significance of the primer?

It’s a crucial step for any makeup appearance! Since she is an artist, Laura recognizes the necessity of preparing your skin for makeup, the same way an artist would qualify for a canvas. This is the reason Laura has revolutionized primer. Laura’s primers provide a flawless base for makeup application. The water-based, non-silicone formula seals in the skin and forms a layer that prolongs makeup wear. Utilize Laura’s primers for an even, smooth skincare surface that keeps it fresh and color as-is for a long time.

What can we do to ensure our foundation stays set during the Middle of Middle Eastern summer?

If you reside in or travel to humid and hot areas, begin by adjusting your routine for your climate. If you live in the Middle East in the summertime, I suggest sticking with oil-free and oil-absorbing products. My suggestion would be, to begin with this Blurring Pure Canvas Primer. This unique, oil-free, oil-absorbing primer produces an instant mattifying filter that blurs the appearance of skin for a soft-focus look. The lightweight, non-silicone formula locks in skin care and creates a skin barrier that prolongs makeup wear and helps limit the spread of oil. Another excellent product for hot temperatures includes that of the Flawless Fusion Longwear Foundation. This oil-free liquid foundation with a matte finish and a lightweight moderate to complete coverage can provide you with a 15-hour wear. This long-wearing, high-performance formula is sweat, transfer, and humidity-resistant!

Do you prefer using your fingers or a sponge?

My preferred foundation application method is sponges like Our Flawless Foundation Sponge. Laura’s product is a non-dye makeup sponge that fits the contours of your face to allow for flawless, even application and less product absorption. The s-curve is shaped to hug the contours of your face so that you can apply, stipple, and apply flawless makeup with flawlessly blended results. It’s designed to absorb the least amount of product so that makeup can be applied directly to the skin than inside the sponge. It’s an antibacterial-treated, latex-free sponge material that ensures a fresh, glowing, perfecting result.

My advice for applying makeup using a sponge

Use a sponge dampened (for complete cover) and dry (for full coverage). Pick up tiny amounts of product by the palm of your hand. Apply the curvature-shaped side to the product, smooth it out, and dab to decolorize. Stipple and press to smooth the effect on the face. Use the S-curve to conform to the contours of your face while applying. For the best results, apply a pointed or tapered edge for a precise application around the eyes and nose.

My top tips for applying makeup with your fingers

Grab the product in small amounts on the back of your hand with your fingertips. Apply the foundation starting on the exterior of the face and work towards the inside. In small sections, apply the foundation until it is seamlessly blended into the skin.

My suggestions for applying makeup using a makeup brush

To get the most coverage, apply the Creme Cheek Color Brush. Apply small sections of the meeting and apply the product lightly using the palm. Then, press the foundation into the skin using the palms of your hands; the warmth will create an even finish.

How can we create a concealer that isn’t cracking?

Concealing dark circles can be difficult. To lighten the area under your eyes, I am a fan of Our Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer. Laura’s top-selling concealer with a full-to-medium coverage that is weightless. It conceals the eyes and perfects, smoothes, and hydrates the eye area with 12 hours of crease-resistant wear.

For a flawless, seamless concealer that doesn’t fold, you can use the doe-foot applicator tool and apply Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer underneath your eyes, over imperfections and discolorations, and on any dark areas. Press gently and blend it with your fingertips using heat to create a seamless look. This concealer is undetectable skin while smoothing the appearance of lines. Once it is set, the breathable concealer goes on for 12 hours of sweat, transfer, humidity, and water-resistant wear.

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