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We all know someone deceptively young, the lucky guy with the perfect genetic makeup to remain youthful and fresh against unstoppable time decay.

If you don’t recognize them, you have seen them before: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, and Daniel Craig. These men have aged well, becoming more attractive.

How can we, as mortal men, achieve the same? How can we learn to enjoy looking at ourselves?

It’s relatively easy and doesn’t require a villa on Lake Como or millions of dollars. This article will cover five of the best anti-aging techniques for men and how to get started.

What You Need to Look Young As A Man

This time-traveling feat requires several tools.

You must have a skincare regimen. I’m talking about daily face washes, moisturizers, and serums. You’re not sure where to begin? Geologie is a simple skincare routine that provides customized skincare.

A water bottle. A trough or even a water bottle would work. Aquafina 16.9-ounce bottles are not enough to hydrate us. Consider investing in a bottle at least a liter in size to be kind to yourself and the environment.

Skincare Routines Are Important

This list of anti-aging tricks is incomplete without mentioning the importance of establishing a skincare routine. Men are usually all about simplicity, and I understand that. A new skincare regimen that takes up valuable minutes of your morning and night isn’t easy.

It’s a pragmatic way of living life. Why would I replace my Chuck Taylors, even though they have holes? Technically, they still work.

You can’t do this with your face. Once your skin breaks, it is too late to repair it. Preventative care is essential.

It would be best to wash your face like your car would to prevent rust and maintain its value.

Skincare Routine Essentials

Basic skincare routines include a cleanser for the face and a moisturizer. The face wash is not the same as a face cleanser. It’s a way to distinguish between soaps meant for your skin and soaps used for cleaning oil or body stains.

You can’t use your favorite bars of Irish Spring to wash your face. Sorry to be the one to break this to you.

Men’s soaps are harsh and not meant for gentle cleaning. They also do not leave the natural oils intact. These soaps will be rough on the body but even worse on the face.

Face skin is more sensitive than the rest of our body and should be treated accordingly. A gentle face wash like Geologie’s Everyday Facewash is the key to a successful skincare routine.

Geologie Everyday Facial Wash

A good cleanser should be sulfate-free, which is a Geologie is an excellent option for moisturizing your skin.

You can see that it becomes more complicated from here. Geologie offers moisturizers for morning and evening use so that you may wash your face both in the morning and at night.

Men should only wash their faces once per day. Anything more will dry out their skin or cause them to break out. Establishing your skin care regimen will take some time, as there is no right or wrong way.

Do you think washing your face with the shampoo residue from your hair will clean it? Rethink. This soap is not only too harsh on your skin but is unlikely to wash your face by simply letting it slide over your face. You’re in a different situation if you scrub your face with shampoo.

You can prevent acne, blackheads, and tired-looking skin by washing your face daily with a gentle cleanser. Dr. Pimple Popper is for those who don’t wash their faces. They look like characters out of my nightmares. It takes surgery to remove all the dirt.

Skincare Routine Supplements

Aside from the daily cleanser and moisturizer for your face, you can add a few other products to make people believe you are experiencing a Benjamin Button transformation.

Skincare is an absolute necessity. But customized skincare? This is luxury. Geologie can create a formulation that addresses your most pressing skincare needs, such as deep wrinkles, dark spots, or acne.

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Drink lots of water

Although I agree with the points, drinking more water can slow down and reverse aging through various channels.

This bad boy should be in your kitchen if you love soda water and appreciate minimalist Scandinavian design.

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Cells make up our skin, the largest organ in the body. Most cells are water-based, so they react quite dramatically to hydration or dehydration. Healthy skin is well hydrated, while unhealthy skin can be dehydrated and out of balance.

Like any organ, our skin needs water to perform at its best. For this reason, I recommend you buy a large water bottle. Make it your constant companion and best friend. According to research, you should drink 8 cups of water per day. That’s a half gallon.

I recommend drinking more water than that. Research shows that drinking a gallon daily will help you store energy, eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness under your eyes, boost your metabolic rate, and reduce unnecessary calories because your stomach is fuller.

Water helps flush out toxins that otherwise cause acne and an uneven skin tone. Drinking all that water will keep your digestive system happy and lead to regular, pleasant bowel movements.

Who knew drinking water could have so many benefits?

You can supercharge these healing properties by drinking a minimum of a liter of water on an empty stomach in the morning.

This is now known as Water Therapy and brings the above benefits to a new level. Water therapy practitioners claim that their skin is glowing and vibrant, and they can keep it hydrated. When I had a severe case of acne in college, I first tried this liquid-based treatment.

I decided to pound a liter of water every morning when I got up. Within two weeks, I had a completely new face. This is a free method.

Water may not taste like your favorite adult drink, but it can help reduce fat, increase metabolism, revitalize your skin, and store energy. Water is the fountain of youth.

Just drink it, dang it.


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