Moisturizer or primer first

Both primer and moisturizer serve the same purpose in many ways. They are two products with different meanings and often spark debates about the proper order of application. Professional makeup artists and novice beauty enthusiasts often wonder: Should moisturizing cream be applied before primer, or should prime before moisturizer? Answer: Moisturizer should always be used before primer.

Primers for makeup and moisturizers for the face are not flexible. To achieve long-lasting makeup, you need to follow the correct order. We’ve already explained whether you should apply primer before or after moisturizer, but some things remain to learn. We’ll answer your questions below about whether to use a moisturizer or primer first when creating your ideal face base. You’ll also find product recommendations to give you the best possible complexion.

Primer and moisturizer are the same thing?

There is a common misperception that moisturizer and primer are interchangeable products or the same, which can lead to confusion over their correct application order. These two products are different and have specific uses for your skin.

You may be wondering what moisturizing primers are. These products are versatile and offer a boost in hydration to your skin while you prepare for makeup application. These products are especially beneficial to those with dehydrated skin as they can help reduce the appearance of dry patches when applying makeup. It’s important to remember that moisturizing primers are not meant to replace moisturizers. It is not the only source of moisture your skin requires. Try the L’Oreal Paris Miracle Blur for a multi-purpose option. It works as a moisturizer and gives a velvety-smooth look in one step.

What is Moisturizer?

You probably know what moisturizers are, but let’s go into more detail. In primer versus moisturizer, a skincare product is designed to hydrate the skin. Moisturizers are available in many different formulas that cater to specific skin types. A moisturizer can help with various skin concerns, including excess oil, dryness, and a dull complexion.

When Should You Use Moisturizer

You should moisturize your skin every day. You may want to use a particular moisturizer if you have a skin concern. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, a nighttime and daytime routine should include a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. The thinnest skin care formula should be applied first when layering. Layer your moisturizer over a serum before using an SPF or primer.

What is Primer for Makeup?

Primer is an essential makeup product that gives your makeup a smooth base and helps it to last longer. Primer is best thought of as a barrier between your skin and makeup. Depending on the formula, it can be used to add a mattifying or moisturizing effect.

Primers for makeup are also available in bronze or shimmery formulations to create a glowing foundation that will not make you look like an effervescent vampire. Try the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glow Enhancer for a subtle, Martha Stewart-approved glow.

When Should Primer Be Used?

We’ve already discussed that primer can be used on the face as a base for makeup. Foundation, concealer, blush, etc.). Try the L’Oreal Paris Prime Lab up to 24H Matte Setter for a base free of shine. You can apply primer to your eyelids by using an eyeshadow primer.

How do you choose the suitable primer and moisturizer for you?

Consider your needs when choosing the best primer and moisturizer. Try a lightweight moisturizer that is hydrating and suitable for oily skin. The moisturizer provides moisture without being heavy and protects the skin against damaging UV rays.

If you have oily or combination skin, the L’Oreal Paris Prime Lab up to 24H Pore Minifier is a primer that instantly blurs and fights oiliness throughout the day. For those with drier skin, a primer is needed not to dry the skin further. L’Oreal Paris Age-Perfect Makeup Blurring Primer is a primer that transforms skin for a soft focus effect. Try the L’Oreal Paris Prime Lab up to 24H redness eraser for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Many moisturizers target specific skin types or skin concerns. L’Oreal Revitalift Triple Power Day lotion SPF 30 is an excellent moisturizer for oily skin. You can choose a water-based moisturizer, such as the L’Oreal Paris Daily Liquid Care – Normal/Dry skin. It provides 72 hours of intense hydration and locks in moisture to give your skin longer radiance. All skin types, including sensitive and aging skin, should L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Derm intense Micro Hyaluronic Acid & Ceramides Line Plumping Water Cream to reduce fine lines.

Which should you apply first? Primer or moisturizer?

Let’s dig deeper into whether to use primer or moisturizer before primer that led you here. Truthfully, moisturizer is always better than primer. We have already mentioned that the primary purpose of moisturizers is to seal in moisture and prevent dryness. You can have dry and dull skin if you apply primer before your foundation. Primers do not provide water to the skin, so if they are not used correctly, they can ruin your makeup.

Separate your products into separate routines to help you remember. The last step of your skin care regimen should be your moisturizer (or sunscreen). Primer should always be your first step in any makeup routine. Always start with your skincare routine.

After applying moisturizer and primer, you are ready to apply makeup. Try the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Soft Matte Blush for a quick, flushed appearance that will show off your freshly prepped skin.

How long should I wait between moisturizer and primer?

Wait a few moments (between one and five minutes) before applying primer to achieve the best possible results. The moisturizer will absorb fully into the skin and provide maximum hydration, creating a smooth foundation for makeup application.

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