Smoked salmon dill and caper dip

The best smoked salmon dip ever! It is simple to prepare with just seven ingredients. This is the perfect appetizer for any party. It only takes 5 Minutes!

Is it too soon to indulge again after the holiday spending spree last month? I don’t wish to be the person who whispers temptations into your ear, telling you to abandon your Whole30, sugar-free January, meatless Monday, or Vegan January challenges…so I won’t do that.

Would you like to try smoked salmon dip?

You’ll have something to look forward to when the 1st of February comes, and you are ready to indulge a little. But it’s not completely over-the-top indulgent. Take a look at the image below. You can see the fresh herbs and vegetables! According to my seven-year-old, capers, red onion, and everything green count as vegetables. Don’t even look at the small bowl of sour m and a block of cream.

You may have heard about the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule is about eating clean, healthy foods at least 80% and living the rest of your life. Let’s say you have 80% vegetables and 20% meat. Dress up the veggies with cream cheese, sour cream, and other ingredients.

Let’s forget about ratios. We NEED something to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday, so we don’t need to worry. Math wasn’t my forte anyway.

Last year, a friend introduced me to this incredible smoked salmon dip at a holiday gathering. The dip’s story goes like this:

A man once decided to create the best-smoked salmon dip ever.

The man experimented with smoked salmon dip and each time, it improved a bit, but he never reached descent bliss.

One day, after many attempts, the guy had an eureka moment with smoked salmon dip.

He shouted, “Eureka!”

The guy brought dip to a gathering.

Many people said, “Eureka!” after eating the dip.

A friend of a guy asked him for the recipe.

He was nice to her.

A friend of mine brought dip to a party.

My friend told me to “try this dip. It’s amazing!”

The party did not have gluten-free crackers.

The friend told me, “You only need to eat a small amount of the cracker.”

I told my friend that I liked the way he thinks.

After eating a spoonful, I said, “Oooh, Mama, this is a good dip.” I need the recipe.”

The friend permitted me to post the recipe on Pass Me Some Tasty so that you and I could enjoy it. I told you he was nice.

This dip is delicious and easy to make, even though it tastes like a fancy and amazing dish. Just seven ingredients.

Put the first six ingredients (cream cheeses, fresh dill, capers, red onions, sour cream, and lemon) into a food processor and pulse until combined. Add your smoked salmon and pulse until it is well-mixed.

Grab some chips, crackers, or vegetables (80/20), and dig in!

Repeat after me: “I’ll share this dip with other people.” I won’t hide in the corner with this and a box of crackers and eat it all. If you did this, you would be eating an entire block of cream cheese and a small bowl of sourcream.

Then shout out the nice guy who shared his perfect smoked salmon dip with you and me. Nice Guy, I don’t even know your name, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing and creating this dip. You’ve just made the whole world a bit more tasty.


Smoked Salmon Dip

  •  8 Ounces of cream cheese
  •  Half a cup of Sour cream
  •  2 Tablespoons Capers Plus additional garnish
  •  2 Tablespoons fresh dill Chop, plus extra for garnish
  •  2 Tablespoons Red onion?
  •  One tablespoon of Fresh Lemon Juice
  •  4 Ounces Smoked salmon. Make sure that all bones are removed

Ideas for Serving

  •  Gluten-free Crackers: I really enjoy these fine grounds Sea Salt Almond Crackers With this dip. (I found them at Costco.
  •  I like these sweet potato chips .)
  •  Gluten-free flatbread
  •  veggie Cucumbers, celery, or bell peppers.

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