The best on-demand content for fitness clubs

Fitness is changing to meet people where they are. On-demand fitness content allows athletes to be reached at any time. You can help clients achieve their goals with on-demand fitness. This is also a smart business move. Once the content is shot and edited, it will be there for as long as you need it. ABC Trainerize is well-versed in on-demand content. We help fitness professionals provide more for their clients wherever they are. Let’s explore on-demand fitness and how it can help you improve the client experience.

Why create on-demand content?

On-demand content allows you to be in more than one place at once. Gyms and personal trainers who use gym management software that offers video streaming can boost their business while providing clients with more. On-demand fitness classes are the core of this approach. This strategy lets you give clients what they want from anywhere and helps them to get healthy at their own pace. Video training that is well-produced and accessible will keep your clients engaged. Nobody wants to get confused while training at home. Home workouts often revolve around home training tools such as the Peloton bicycle or dumbbell sets. Athletes only require a few pieces of specialized equipment. You can also manage multiple clients simultaneously with on-demand content. You can serve numerous clients by offering workout videos, courses, and live-streamed workouts. You can reach more clients and better meet their needs, even if they have different goals.

Fitness clubs can benefit from the best formats of on-demand content

These are the most popular types of content in the fitness industry. You can provide your clients with a variety of options that will help them reach their fitness goals. 7-day exercises challenge Exercise challenges can be a great way to motivate people and are also a good form of content that is available on demand. These 7-day challenges require athletes to set a goal or set of plans each day. Think of the Hundred Pushup Program. Time-limited challenges encourage clients to achieve more in a shorter period. Specialized workouts: Everyone is different, and technical exercises are a great tool to help you reach your goals. You can tap into the people’s favorite training methods and assist them in embracing popular fitness trends. Options include HIIT, strength training, pre and post-natal, recovery, or flexibility. Specialized training attracts people who have specific fitness needs.

Virtual boot camps Self-paced fitness boot camps are a great way for someone to get motivated and achieve their fitness goals. These high-impact classes are great for anyone, including beginners, who want to lose weight or build muscle. These pre-recorded and live-streamed boot camps are growing in popularity. On-demand boot camps provide the intensity and energy that classic boot camps offer but without the time commitment.

Mind-body sessions: Taking care of your body is not enough

You also need to take care of your mind. Mind-body sessions are one of the most common forms of content available on demand. They combine the focus on mind and body. Yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation classes are the most popular types of fitness services in this niche. Why it attracts people: Mind/body courses are available to all fitness levels and appeal to athletes who value holistic wellness. These are the eight best fitness platforms available on demand. If you want to expand your business by offering more to your clients, then these are excellent options. These streaming fitness services allow you to provide a variety of workout formats to your clients anywhere in the globe.


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