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TikTok is the perfect place to test out the latest trends for beauty and skincare. The Ordinary is a Deciem product that offers simple, no-nonsense products. Skintokkers has posted countless videos praising Argireline solution–a wrinkle-blasting and line-softening product. Some users even referred to the product as “Botox-in-a-bottle.” Does it work? Four Visitors tried it and shared their honest opinion.

Do you know The Ordinary brand?

The Ordinary was always on my radar as a former beauty journalist. Many of my friends and family love these products because they are affordable. The company also explains to customers the different roles of skincare ingredients. This is very helpful for those who are not as familiar with skin lingo.

How did you find the Argireline solution?

IT’S BEEN ABOUT FOUR WEEKS since I began using the Argireline Serum. It’s applied in the morning and night. After I followed the instructions carefully, I applied a few drops on my forehead, between my eyebrows, and around my eyes. Then, I add my moisturizer on top. It was challenging to use at first because the texture was so runny. After some practice, I was able to control the solution. The moisturizer feels great on my skin and doesn’t feel sticky or dry. My moisturizer is a bit slippery because it has a very watery consistency. But after a couple of pats, it gets under control.

You may have noticed softer lines and fewer wrinkles and creases. Have you seen any other changes in your skin?

This product doesn’t seem to be able to remove the lines I’ve had on my forehead. They’re barely noticeable. It does help to reduce wrinkles or lines caused by facial movements, like raising your eyebrows or frowning. My eyebrows aren’t as high as they used to be, and I only notice the line between my brows after frowning in front of a mirror for a few minutes (I’m alone, so I need some entertainment). The frown line will eventually appear, but it won’t be as effective as real Botox.

Would you repurchase this product?

It’s something I might use again, but not daily. I am afraid that I will be paralyzed (it is not). I’ll save this for a wedding or high school reunion.

Do you know The Ordinary?

The Ordinary was a product I’d never heard of before, but I knew I wanted to try it as soon as I read the description. I have noticed that I am more conscious of my facial lines lately. It could be because I’m self-conscious when I meet people in person, don’t get enough sleep, or am older. I also wanted Botox because I heard it is practically a miracle for preventing migraines. However, getting it seemed like an extreme measure.

Tell us about your experience with the Argireline solution.

It was almost like water being sprayed on my face. I used it every morning and night for three weeks. It didn’t have any cooling or burning sensation. It dried quickly so that I could apply my moisturizer immediately after. I liked not feeling sticky after using the product. If you are also clumsy, be careful: The product is so watery that I lost quite a bit when I knocked over the bottle.

Does it work?

The lines that have appeared on my forehead are my main concern. They become more visible when I lift my eyebrows. After the first two weeks, I was pleasantly surprised that the lines on my forehead had reduced slightly. However, after stopping to use the product twice daily, the effects seemed to have disappeared. I did not notice any change in the fine lines surrounding my eyes. I expected a slight improvement because they are more prominent when I don’t sleep enough.

Would you repurchase this product?

It’s a yes. I want to keep experimenting and see if there are any changes. I did not notice any adverse effects, especially since it is super simple and quick. This product is also a great way to learn about retinol before I try to research it. It doesn’t look like this product would help my migraines, which I haven’t had in the last few weeks. I am willing to try anything to eliminate them.

Do you have any experience with The Ordinary products?

I’ve used several products from The Ordinary, including retinol, caffeine solution, and eye cream. The brand is simple, and each product has a single focus. The prices are also great.

Tell us about your experience with the Argireline solution.

For about three weeks, I’ve been using Argireline Solution. It is applied at night when I do most of my skincare. (I did not use it every night, but *most* nights. It was a strangely pleasing texture. It is very watery and light. It barely feels anything. Argireline did not leave any sticky residues on my skin. It’s simple to layer.

Did you feel like you saw results?

I accepted to test the product unthinkingly before knowing much about it. When I opened my bottle and looked at the instructions, it was clear that Argireline should be used to reduce signs of aging on the forehead and around the eyes. Even though I’m getting older, my forehead and eyes have not yet become a problem. I’m more obsessed with the smile lines around my mouth. I admit I cheated by using Argireline around my eyes, forehead, and smile lines (it’s just skin, after all). I’m unsure if it made a difference in the smile lines, probably because that’s not what it was designed to do.

This product was designed to treat wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. This product is targeted and not a general skin aging product. As these lines don’t bother me much, I wouldn’t use this product now. But I wouldn’t completely rule it out for the future.

Have you ever heard of The Ordinary?

The Ordinary was something I’d heard of from friends but never tried. The Ordinary was recommended as a cheaper version of serums that I already used. They thought I was crazy for paying that much money for the serums I had been using.

How did you find the Argireline solution?

I tried different ways to use it during this time. During this time, I experimented with different ways to use it. I was hesitant to use it in different ways because I was afraid they would cancel each other out. I used the serum in the morning alone and in the evening underneath hyaluronic acids, followed by moisturizer. It was watery and not as dense as the other serums I have used. This made it difficult to apply evenly. It was almost weightless once applied.

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