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The Ordinary has been a TikTok hit before. The beauty product is known for its affordable skin care products that contain science-backed ingredients. You want the hair products to be noticed, especially one that has become a fan favorite: The ordinary multi-peptide serum for hair density. (Buy it: $18,

The Ordinary serum is for you if you have fine hair and wish to achieve thicker, fuller strands. Many TikTok users, beauty influencers, and others have raved about the serum’s performance after using it for several months. Taylor Rose, also known as @thehealthyhygge with over 700 000 followers on TikTok, posted a video describing their experience using the serum for 2 and 1/2 months. Rose begins the video with the words “It works!” and then shows before and after pictures of her hairline. It is now noticeably fuller.

Rose’s testimony is one of many on the app. @Sarah_Scotty also received over one million views for their video showcasing The Ordinary hair product. They said their hair was “the thickest, healthiest, and most lustrous it has been in a long time.” After two months, Akeesha, a shape editor with type 4C curly hair, significantly improved her hairline.

It also contains Procapil, which helps increase blood flow to your scalp, and Baicapil, which stimulates hair growth and increases hair density.

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This formulation incorporates a variety of peptides complexes and several different technologies,” says Marisa Garrick, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at MDCS Dermophysiology. “Peptides, which are short chains of amino acids, strengthen the hairs on the scalp. As peptides increase collagen production, they can also improve hair health. This includes thickness and strength since collagen supports the hair follicles and natural proteins. When applied topically, the peptides can also help hydrate your scalp and hair, making them look healthier.

Castor oil and caffeine are also included in the formula of The Ordinary hair serum. Castor oil promotes healthier and stronger hair by using ricinoleic acids, a type of fatty acid. This helps boost circulation to the scalp. Studies suggest that caffeine can increase circulation and inhibit DHT – a hormone responsible for hair loss.

The Multi-Peptide Ordinary Serum for Hair Density

The brand suggests massaging a few drops into your hair, leaving it overnight, and using it every night for the best results.

Results vary. While some users noticed changes after using The Ordinary for hair growth, others did not. “While hair health changes can be noticed within a few applications due to hydrating hair, other changes may take weeks or months to notice,” says Dr. Garshick. It’s common for hair and scalp changes to take three to six months, so it’s best to stick with it and be consistent to see if it works. In a review that has nearly 500 thousand views on YouTube, Doro Cuillo claims to have noticed a difference in her hair after just three months. She continues to see “thicker and fuller” hair after five months.

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“Having realistic expectations when using hair serums or topical products is important. This lightweight formulation is easy-to-apply and contains ingredients that improve hair health in different ways,” says Dr. Garshick. The Ordinary Multiple-Peptide Serum could be your answer if you want a simple, affordable way to achieve thicker hair.

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