Top trainers share their best fitness tips of all time.

Five trainers shared their top fitness tips, and we gathered tried-and-true advice from WH. They cover everything from pre-workout supplements to warming up.

Start small

Kehinde Ajorin is a certified functional strength trainer, personal trainer, and founder of Power In Movement. You want to create a fitness routine to maintain and build on. Anjorin advises that you should consider your lifestyle when starting your fitness journey.

Make fitness part of your daily life

Elise Young, an NCSF-certified trainer, says, “The fitness journey is all about consistency and finding ways to fit movement into your lifestyle.” She suggests starting slowly and building on it daily, just like Anjorin. She also means that you do a morning self-inventory, asking what you will commit yourself to for the day. A run? A run? Young advises: “Make it your habit to move and find yourself right where you are.”

Never skip your warm-up

“Warm up before every workout. No exceptions,” says Taylor Rae Almonte, a NASM-certified personal trainer, actor, and activist. This can help to prevent injury. Almonte likes to warm up with plank walks, cat cows, and lateral lunges.

Make sure that your warm-ups are dynamic

Almonte says that static stretching is not recommended before a workout. Physical therapist Christina Ciccione CSCS told WH that static stretching reduced muscle strength and impaired explosive muscle performance. She notes that Almonte’s favorite stretches are the t-spine rotates, the world’s most incredible stretch, and forward fold into a squat.

Do not cut off static stretching altogether

Static stretching is OK after your workout. According to the Cleveland Clinic, static stretching can help prevent muscle stiffness. Almonte recommends holding each stretch for 30 seconds and not more than one minute.

Include mobility exercises in your warm-up

Kristina Centenari is a personal trainer. Warm up your joints by moving through the full range of motion can add much value to your workout. Jump training).

Strengthen your muscles at least two times a week

Young believes that strength training is the key. This type of exercise has many benefits. Strength training makes us feel empowered and strong, she says. She


( The CDC recommends waking at the same time each day, even on weekends, to improve sleep health.

Active recovery days are a great way to get back into shape

Centenary says, “On days when you don’t feel like working out super hard, there is good news: You don’t need to!” She says that while our bodies should be moving daily, it doesn’t mean they have to be pushed to the limit daily. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should watch Netflix and ignore the super-tough HIIT classes. If your body is telling you to relax, listen to it. “Go for a walk. Do the laundry that you have been putting off. Bake banana bread,” Centenary advises. “Keep it light; stay in motion.”

Consider yoga

Anjorin enjoys doing yoga to recover because it allows her to move and stretch. Yoga is a great option to help you recover from a vigorous workout.

Track your fitness goals with a journal

Reports that a notebook can help you stay on top of your physical and mental well-being. According to a study from the Dominican University of California, sharing and writing down your goals can increase your chances of achieving them. Many super-cute fitness journal options will suit your plans and schedule.

Keep hydrated

Young explains, “I drink the entire 12-ounce glass when I wake up.” The 12-ounce glass of water next to my bed is the first thing I drink when I wake up. It helps me reach my daily water requirement. Young says there are several guidelines for how much water to drink. She recommends finding the right amount for you and sticking with it. Consider your lifestyle and exercise routine when determining how much water to drink.

Keep on track by stacking your habits

Almonte’s tip might help you. She says that habit stacking is simply combining new patterns with existing ones. You could incorporate stretching with your daily coffee routine or encourage yourself to drink more water by making it part of checking your email.

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