V34 colour corrector reviews

Teeth discoloration is a problem many of us have experienced; however it’s a complex issue to resolve that often leaves people who share it with a lack of confidence or respect for how they appear in pictures and actual life.

Many more people than you think naturally have yellow teeth due to routines that involve drinking coffee, tea juice, or wine(you’ll be required to come up with an excellent reason to avoid grabbing a bottle of red after an extended morning at the office).

Although seeking advice from a dentist and treatment is possible, many are searching for DIY home remedies to improve the appearance and brightness of their smiles. Manyy products claim to help you get more pearly white from tooth whitening strips to toothpaste that whitens.

But, if you’re still not completely sold on the idea of long-term tooth whitening, There is a color-correcting product that might be perfect for you. It has already been viewed by millions on TikTok. It isn’t just videos of beauty influencers who are drenched using the product watched disproportionately. However, Kim Kardashian seems to be “obsessed” with the product.

If you’re fascinated by”the “purple shampoo of teeth,” then you’ll be glad to know that we’ve tested the treatment to provide our conclusion. Read on and be prepared to be awed.

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What we tried to test

We did like the manufacturer suggested and tested the product several times after having already cleaned our teeth to check how our new, brighter smile performed throughout thee day. We also applied small refills for specific events, like going out to dinner before taking photographs, to check how our pearly whites appeared in various lighting conditions.

His mile V34 color corrector

The first thing to note is that it’s a color corrector, not a tooth. It won’t permanently whiten your teeth since it’s not made to do that – but it’s not designed to replace your regular dental hygiene routine. It was intended to be an immediate fix solution. This serum uses color-correcting technology (in the same way as the purple shampoo), which helps to eliminate any yellow undertones or staining due to being opposite to yellow on the color wheel.

The company suggests applying the V34 color corrector following brushing your teeth using usual toothpaste (though Hismile does have an excellent PAP+ whitening product, which was featured in our round-up of the most effective whitening toothpaste) in case you wish to have a brighter smile on the day. You can also use the product to eliminate the yellowish hues that are a nuisance on your teeth before an interview, date, night out, or any other occasion.

While we were prepared that this serum was purple, we were amazed when we squeezed a small amount since it was very dark. But, as the label suggests, we applied two pumps of the serum to our toothbrushes and started to brush circularly for 2 minutes. Then, we spit the toothpaste out and rinsed it off with our mouths.

Contrary to the toothpaste that the company sells and the one that Hismile suggests you eliminate without washing immediately afterward (so that you don’t strip your mouth of all positive and cleansing components), You are required to clean your mouth following applying V34. V34 serum. After the first time we used it, we noticed tiny red stains on our lips and gums, but a second rinse quickly removed it.

After applying the serum, we immediately noticed brighter and whiter teeth. It was similar to experiencing the immediate effects of a successful teeth whitening procedure but in a shorter time.

There was no issue in terms of sensitivity. We knew this was an easy fix, and we didn’t feel too shocked when it didn’t last as long as people might expect. We’ve tried various home remedies for teeth whitening that didn’t cause any sensitivity, such as Hismile’s strips; this was a more intensive and faster procedure.

A verdict Hismile V34 color corrector

After applying V34 serum V34 serum, We immediately noticed a white and brighter smile. However, remember that the serum is intended to be used for an immediate fix, and the results are consequently not as long-lasting as many would like them to be.

If you have issues with (or are hesitant about) sensitivities, especially with teeth whitening, we’d advise this product. We had no problems, and it perfectly fit our oral health routine.

In the end, even though we may not apply this regularly, we noticed the advantages of using the serum. We would include it in our daily dental routine before specific occasions, photos, and evenings out since it gave our whites such a natural sparkle.

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