Vitamin D deficiency: Signs, diet and lifestyle tips

Naturally, YoursOur bodies produce the vitamin “Sunshine”, or the so-called Vitamin D, when our skin is exposed to sunlight.

You all have probably discovered that Vitamin D3 is lacking in your life or you know someone who has.

Most people find it shocking that they never have a problem in their lives and think nothing has changed to make it worse.

The harsh truth is that Vitamin D deficiency has become a worldwide health problem that affects so many people around the world.


Vitamin D deficiency is a condition in which your body does not have sufficient Vitamin D. This can happen due to a lack of sunlight exposure, fat malabsorption, or strict vegan diets.


Vitamin D deficiency could occur if you avoid the sun entirely.

Many people don’t notice the symptoms. Even if there are no symptoms, too much vitamin D can pose a health risk. Low Vitamin D levels have been linked to the following symptoms:

Rickets – A severe deficiency in vitamin D can cause rickets in children. It manifests as muscle weakness, improper growth patterns, incorrect posture, and joint deformities.

Muscle pain and weakness – Vitamin D receptors can be found in nerve cells that sense pain. Low blood vitamin D levels can cause chronic pain.

Vitamin D plays a major role in maintaining our immune system strong and prevents us from falling ill so Vitamin D is a must. Studies by Mathias W Pletz et al. Respir Res. 2014. has shown a direct connection between vitamin D deficiency, respiratory tract infections, and other conditions.

You may feel tired or fatigued if you experience excessive fatigue. Vitamin D supplements may help increase energy levels.

Vitamin D plays a key role in fighting infection and controlling inflammation. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble Vitamin that increases the production and use of essential compounds for the formation of new skin.

According to Erhan Gokcek and colleagues, bone pains such as lower back pain or bone pain could be signs of low vitamin D levels. Anesth Essays Res. Jul-Sept 2018. Jul-Sept 2018.

Depression- Low vitamin D is linked to depression. Some studies show that Vitamin D supplementation can improve mood.

Stress is often the cause of hair loss. If the hair loss is severe, however, it could be due to a nutritional deficiency such as Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to complications if it continues for a long time.

Cardiovascular problems.

Recurrent infections.

Neurological diseases.

Pregnancy complications.

Certain cancers, such as breast, prostate, and colon, are also known.

Autoimmune problems.


Our goal should always be to check, reach and maintain. Vitamin D is the only nutritional substance that your body can produce when it is exposed to sunlight.

There are many ways to get enough Vitamin D. These include


You should be exposing your back, arms, legs, and face between 9-11 am and 11 am, approximately three times per week. Vitamin D is more important for darker skin tones.

Vitamin D council recommends that it be.

15 minutes for fair skin people.

For dark-skinned individuals, it takes 45-60 minutes.

Avoid standing in front of a sunlamp. Avoid the use of sunscreen gels. Remember to drink enough water outdoors, and to use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.

Do not spend your early morning hours in your home.


Vegetarian sources for vitamin D include-

Vitamin D1 is added to orange juice.

Vitamin D fortified milk – Fortified cow’s milk contains approximately 130 IU per glass (200ml).

Fortified Yogurt.

Oats are vitamin D-fortified cereals.

Breakfast cereals (Vitamin D fortified).

Soy beverages- Fortified soymilk has 110 IU of Vitamin D per glass.

Vitamin D can also be found in multivitamins and baby supplement pills.


To determine the amount of Vitamin D in food, it is important to read labels. In order to maintain bone health, you will also need adequate Calcium.

To increase the absorption of Vitamin D, it is a good idea to eat Bajra and Ragi roti with meals.


In a nutshell: Your body can produce all the vitamin D it needs by exposing your skin to sunlight for a short time.

For some, however, this is a difficult task due to work and other factors. You should make it your primary goal to get the necessary vitamin D through diet. These foods are the best sources of vitamin D.

Surprisingly, Vitamin D supplement overdose can lead to serious health problems. It is always best to consult a registered medical practitioner before taking any Vitamin D supplements.


Sneha is a postgraduate with a specialization in nutrition and dietetics. Sneha is a University graduate with 5+ years of experience in VLCC, Apollo hospitals, slimsutra, and first cry-kids. She has counseled many clients in India regarding weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, and PCOD. Her own diet consultation clinic (diet_diariez), is available to her.

She believes in custom diets and local, seasonal food. She offers counseling that includes lifestyle modifications and stress relief strategies.

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