Why its ok to be feminine

We often think of a glamorous, girly woman when we speak about femininity. This is something that many moms who lead busy lives find hard to achieve. In today’s world, we believe that femininity is not important to the well-being of women. It may even be detrimental.

The way you behave is more important than the way you look when it comes to determining femininity.

The goal is to be a woman that enjoys herself. It’s not about being prettier or slimmer than another woman. The feminine woman has found that it’s more effective than being a tired-tough girl. The feminine woman is able to make her husband feel like he is in her palm.

Your curiosity is no doubt piqued.

Women today become angry, defensive, and even mocked when they are told to be more feminine or please their husbands. I wonder why this has become such an issue. Why do women feel ashamed of being feminine? And why is it not a virtue to want to please their husbands?

Do we think that women are weak because they’re feminine or that pleasing our husbands makes us vulnerable? Or that we cannot do certain things, that men may mistreat us, or that society will look down on us? We may be afraid of what family members and friends say or that they’ll think we’re oppressed.

If you are wondering about any of these questions, you don’t understand your needs as a woman or what it takes to be a true feminine lady. And if you think your friends judge you, then they are not your real friends.

Allah SWT made us both masculine and feminine. It’s the Ying-Yang effect, where opposites are attracted. After all, what wife wouldn’t want to be adored and praised by her husband? It’s like the Ying and Yang effect, where opposites attract. Which wife doesn’t want her husband to love and be pleased with her?

The wife should be aware of the truth versus misinformation.

You can see wives who are complaining about their children and husbands. Do you consider these women to be feminine? Listen to how unhappy they sound with their marriage, children, and life. They are aggressive, resentful, and always in control.

Think of wives who do not talk badly about their husbands. They are rare, but they exist. Notice how they appear. Are they more feminine? They are not overburdened with being superwomen, so they are more grateful, forgiving, and content. They enjoy being at home with their children because their spouses provide balance.

Do you see the correlation?

Feminine women may not be the feminists’ favorite people because they view relying on men and relinquishing their control as a sign of weakness. (Some of them, however, might secretly admire this). A feminine woman is her husband’s favorite person and will also be loved by men in her family, such as her father, brother, sons, etc. This woman is strong, confident, and empowered without being disrespectful or dissatisfied.

It’s not just for your husband that femininity can be beneficial, but also for you as a woman! You will be treated as the queen and special lady of your house when you give up control, stop being a Superwoman, and hand the reins to your husband.

The Superwoman isn’t a pretty picture.

It’s exhausting for a mother to try to be healthy, look good and juggle her career and studies, raise her amazing children, please her family and friends, maintain a beautiful home, tidy up her house, and keep her kids on track while also volunteering in the community and keeping up with her faith.

Why is a woman more intelligent than a superhero?

If you think about it, being feminine is not difficult. It’s just that superwomen have too many things on their plate that they deem important but are not necessarily important. You will feel less stressed if you are feminine. It comes from an inborn place within you.

This is the essence of womanhood. It will lower your levels of cortisol, your male hormone, and testosterone, as well as encourage your husband to provide and protect you. He’ll be more willing to help! Watch the video below to find out more.

Do you not believe me? It’s true; I used to be a superwoman. Now I’m no longer. What a relief!

You can be more feminine when you put your needs before those of your husband, children, and others in your circle. Make yourself a priority, and let go of the victim mentality. You’ll feel less overwhelmed in your life.

It is much easier to be feminine than Superwoman.

If you’re like me, when I imagine a super-heroine, I picture a woman who is as cool as cucumbers and confident. Unfortunately, I don’t see that in the superwomen who surround me. They are not carefree or happy. Other women may admire them, but they’re certainly not someone you want to emulate.

Many times, I feel sorry for superwomen, as many don’t know to know better. Others had to toughen up to cope. And some became nags who complained to their friends and family. You might ask yourself, “Is it worth the stigma of being the woman who “can do it all” or pleasing feminists?” Would you rather have your husband’s love, admiration, and assistance by being feminine and allowing him the opportunity to save your life ?”?

There are many options, but it is not a difficult decision.

We are all aware that Allah created men in one way and women in another. Our Creator would not have made us so similarly if we were to act and behave the same. We must accept that God has designed our differences for a purpose, and we should respect that. Otherwise, we will be questioning His Decree.

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