How to Use Activated Charcoal

Hello there,This week I am going to share with you the amazing health benefits of charcoal and how to use it in your everyday life. I found this topic incredibly hard to condense down into one blog; I own a book that is dedicated entirely to charcoal remedies and there is just so much to say on this topic. Charcoal expert John Dinsley states, 'Charcoal is history, it is poetry and art and it is science. Much more than this charcoal is cleansing and healing for man an nature'.Charcoal has a powerful ability to adsorb toxins, unwanted chemicals, bacteria and poisons. Adsorption is the binding of...

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MCT Oil - Similar to Coconut Oil but Turbocharged.

Hello there, This week we talk about good fats, which are an essential part of our diet and our wellbeing. Today we specifically discuss MCT oil, which is said to boost energy, aid in weight loss and help fight candida (to name just a few benefits).I'm delighted to welcome the lovely Nik Tooth, otherwise known as The Lean Body Coach, to the Nourishing Hub to share her words of wisdom on the health benefits of MCT oil. Have you ever tried coconut oil? I’m sure if you have, you’ve heard about its endless health benefits. Coconut oil is a saturated fat, and although saturated fats have been bashed in the media...

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Bone Broth - The Supercharged Version

Hello there,  Today I wanted to share a few words on bone broth. Bone broth has been used for many centuries but only more recently has it been recognised for its gut healing and anti-inflammatory qualities. Bone broth is an excellent source of protein (particularly gelatin) and also creates a bioavailable mineral source for the body. This means when bones are boiled for a certain duration they release minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur etc, that can be more easily absorbed by the body. In addition to minerals, bone both provides healing compounds like collagen, proline, glycine, glutamine and glucosamine, that have significant benefits for the body. Compounds such as...

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Eco Christmas Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

Hello there,  Something I am very passionate about is reducing the environmental impact of the goods I purchase this Christmas. I'm trying very hard to minimise my purchasing of plastic items, which essentially remain on this planet for 100's if not 1000's of years (it breaks my heart).As this topic is close to my heart I have chosen my favourite products that are plastic free5, or that replace plastic items. I use a lot of these products in my home and absolutely love all of them. I also love giving them as gifts as I know they are having a positive impact on the planet. The products I...

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Why Eat Clay + How to Make a Clay Face Mask

Hello there, I have been meaning to write about edible clay for a long time. I tried my first bentonite 'clay shake' about 10 years ago at a place called the Sanctuary in Koh Phangan in Thailand. At the time I was working for a bank in Hong Kong and decided to take myself off for a 7 day detox/cleanse on this small Island off Koh Samui. Among other things, the cleanse involved 4 detoxifying clay shakes a day, which were bentonite clay mixed with psyllium husk and watermelon juice. It might sound disgusting and it does take some getting used to but I have say after my 7 day...

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14 of the Best Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes

Hello there, This week I'm delighted to share with you 14 delicious gluten free breakfast recipes from some of my favourite health and wellness practitioners and bloggers. We have everything from tasty Shakshouka to Coconut Quinoa Porridge.  Recently my daughter has been complaining about a sore tummy, we thought we would experiment with going gluten free for a while and see if it helped. I found breakfast one of the hardest meals to feel inspired about, so I asked my community to share their favourites with the Nourishing Hub. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Shakshouka by Becomingness Slow Cooker Apple...

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6 Healthier Chocolate Recipes for Easter

Hello there,   Well Easter has come early this year, can you believe it’s the end of next week? I have been digging out some of my favourite chocolate recipes and testing out a few new ones to share with you. This week I have created these Raw Chocolate Caramel Kisses, the closest thing I could get to a caramel easter egg. All of these recipes are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free and full of lots of nutrient dense ingredients. In saying that many of recipes still use dates or maple syrup so should still be considered...

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Folate v Folic Acid – The Important Difference for a Healthy Baby

Hello there, This week I am delighted to welcome Naturopath Tasha Jennings to the Nourishing Hub to talk about Folate and Folic Acid. I have been very patiently waiting to introduce Tasha’s conception and pregnancy product to you and I’m just delighted it arrives on the Nourishing Hub next week. The supplement is called Zycia (meaning ‘life’) and has been developed with the latest research into prenatal nutrition combining a comprehensive range of important vitamins and minerals. Zycia Natal Nutrients contain an active form of folate – why is this so important? I’ll let Tasha explain… Folate v Folic Acid – The Important Difference for a Healthy Baby So you want to have a baby, congratulations!  You’ve probably been told by now by friends,...

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7 Chemical Free Ways To Be Summer Ready

Hello there, For many of us just the thought of stripping out of the winter layers and having our body on display can be an anxiety inducing experience. The pale, prickly legs must make a debut and nicely insulated mid section needs to squeeze into a swimsuit and even a bikini. I was confronted by this recently when at Bondi while visiting with my daughter, I was completely overdressed and ill equipped for the beach. It suddenly dawned on me, summer's arrived and I'm not ready! As you know I'm very passionate about what you put on your skin and in your body. I believe smearing yourself in checmial...

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Body Beyond Birth + Caramel Protein Ball Recipe

Hello there, This week I'm delighted to have a Q&A with the lovely Jackie Steele and Becky Dyer from Body Beyond Birth. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to trial the Body Beyond Birth program over the last couple of months. From the day I logged in I realised this program is so much more than an online resource to help Mummas get back in shape. The website is a panacea of amazing educational videos (i.e. a pelvic floor workshop you can do from your own living room), delicious recipes from their nutritionist and dietician, workouts specifically designed for your capability, meditation and more. I know after having...

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