BIG NEWS: Why it’s time I said goodbye to the Nourishing Hub

Hello beautiful person, If I’m completely honest, it has probably taken me about two years to write this post. It might sound like a bad case of procrastination but actually, it isn’t. It has just taken me that long to get up the courage to part with my baby – the Nourishing Hub. It is like parting with a little piece of myself, so there is definitely a little grief in this goodbye.  I’m welling up a bit just writing this. Those of you who have built your own business will know how much heart and soul (and good old blood, sweat,...

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Mentawai Yellow Curry + Travel Essentials

Hello there, I haven't shared a recipe with you in a while. Life has been very full lately - a good kind of full. As you saw last week I launched my new podcast called Living with Purpose. I'm excited to be sharing lots of inspiring people with you through that format. For me, part of living my purpose is travelling with my family to far-flung places - not everyone's cup of tea, but I love it. It ticks off two important values for me -  adventure and connection A week or two ago I experienced the perfect balance of adventure and connection...

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{Video} Why Everyone Is Going GaGa Over Broccoli Sprouts

Hello there, I have only recently come to understand why Broccoli Sprouts are one of my most popular products on the Nourishing Hub. After doing my own research I am completely converted to one of the worlds most understated superfoods.You can either watch the video above or continue reading here..... Broccoli sprouts are a nutritional powerhouse.They have a myriad of health benefits from immunity boosting to treating Autism Spectrum Disorder. Its nutrient dense profile has become the focus of many researchers and clinicians. Broccoli sprouts are very bio-available with about 80% of what you consume being absorbed by your cells. Broccoli sprouts are part of the cruciferous vegetable family.  One...

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Natural Sleep Remedies To Help You Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep

Do you find it hard to fall asleep? Do you fall asleep quickly but then wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep? Did you know that in the developed world 150 million people can’t sleep properly, meaning they suffer from sleep-related problems? Worldwide we are sleeping less than we ever have in history. In 1942 8 hours was the average amount of sleep - today it is just 6.2 hours. As a little side note (because I am a kiwi) - did you know New Zealanders sleep more than any other country coming in at 7.2 hours a night?...

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7 Natural ways to Detox your Mouth and Whiten Your Teeth

Hello there, If you have been with me for a while you will know that I love to talk about detoxing. Today I'm sharing with you the importance of detoxing your mouth to not only promote healthy oral hygiene but also to promote the overall health of your body.  It is said that the bacteria in your mouth are the starting point for many diseases in the body. Just think how much information can be gathered about your body from a single saliva test in your mouth. Did you know that your tongue is your first line of defense in your immune system? Good oral...

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[VIDEO] 5 mins on the benefits of Reishi, Chaga & Lions Mane + Discount Code

OK so this wasn't meant to look like an infomercial (slightly cringe-worthy) but I really wanted to share a 5-minute video on why I am LOVING my medicinal mushrooms and a few of the incredible health benefits they have. Simone X     Key Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms REISHI MUSHROOM    • Longevity   • Hormone balancing   • Helps with sleep   • Immune boosting and balances autoimmune response (reference)   • Anti-cancer properties (reference)   • Therapeutic for neurodegenerative disorders  CHAGA MUSHROOM    • Anti-viral  • Anti-inflammatory    • Energy and endurance  • Potential benefits in reducing cancer tumours...

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Bone Broth - The Supercharged Version

Hello there,  Today I wanted to share a few words on bone broth. Bone broth has been used for many centuries but only more recently has it been recognised for its gut healing and anti-inflammatory qualities. Bone broth is an excellent source of protein (particularly gelatin) and also creates a bioavailable mineral source for the body. This means when bones are boiled for a certain duration they release minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur etc, that can be more easily absorbed by the body. In addition to minerals, bone both provides healing compounds like collagen, proline, glycine, glutamine and glucosamine, that have significant benefits for the body. Compounds such as...

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Deliciously Healthy Orange Chocolate Truffles - Nut-free!

Hello there,  Well, earlier this week I completed another trip around the sun - another year older and another year to be grateful to be here on earth. I had a lovely day shared with friends and family and, in keeping with the orange theme, I made my gluten-free Orange Almond Cake. Hot on the tail of my birthday is Easter and if you fancy a healthier Easter this year why not make a batch of these yummy Chocolate Orange Truffles.          So I have to admit these delicious morsels are not actually my own creations - they were...

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Why I’m taking Chaga Mushroom as my Immunity Elixir + Chaga Immunity Elixir Recipe

Over the past 6 months, I've been trying out medicinal mushrooms (not to be mistaken for magic mushrooms, although I do believe there is some magic in this ancient medicine). Chaga, also known as black gold, is one of the mushroom remedies I have been testing out. Chaga has a long list of health benefits and is said to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It is often referred to as the king of the superfood mushrooms. Chaga is actually a fungus that grows on birch trees in the Northern Hemisphere, in very cold climates. In the East Chaga...

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Fulfilment vs Achievement + Detoxing Green Goddess Dressing

Hello lovely human, A belated Happy New Year from me! I feel like I am hatching into 2018 very slowly this year (gosh, it's already mid February!). Most New Years I crack into the new year with resolutions, vision boards or big words to live by for the year - my inner life coach can't help it.This year I'm allowing things to flow a little more slowly. I'm more concerned with how fulfilled I will feel than by what I want to achieve. We become so attached to the outcome in life that we forget to enjoy the process - life is the process.  Learning the art of fulfilment has been a big teaching for me in recent years...

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