Superfood Chocolate Morsels + Healthy Father's Day Ideas + Reader Special August 29 2014 by Simone Denny

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So Father's Day is coming up - Sunday the 7th of September in case you needed a reminder :). I was in two minds as to whether to write about healthy Father's Day ideas. When I sounded it out with my sister she reminded me my business is about women's health, not men's. From my experience women make men's health their business, in fact many of the women I know (myself included) almost seem to be more concerned about the health of the men in their lives than their own. If you read on you will see there is good reason to be concerned....

I have two fatherly figures in my life - My husband James, who is the father of our 2 daughters, and my Dad, who is the father of me and my 4 sisters - yes there is a lot of girl power in our family! I will be the first to admit I am avidly concerned with their health and well-being, to the point where I know both of them probably think I'm a pain the butt. I'm sure they would probably prefer to eat their sausage roll or meat pie without me banging on about why they shouldn't but the truth is I can't help myself. One of my wedding vows was actually to just let my hubby be - this is definitely a work in progress!

So why are women so concerned with men's health? One of the reasons, according to the American Psychology Association is that men are much less likely than women to look after their own health or go and see a physician - they are 25 percent less likely to have visited a health-care provider in the last year. I believe women are an innately nurturing species who have a deep desire to care for their brood. Some men might call it nagging, but I like to call it genuine concern :). As it turns out there is good reason for concern. The Better Health Channel confirmed that in Australia men are more likely than women to have serious health problems, and men die in greater numbers than women from almost every non-sex-specific health problem.

So what's my point? Men don't look after their health as well as women do and the stats back this up. Women make 85% of consumer decisions so ultimately have a significant impact on men's health.

Some Nourishing Ideas for Father's Day

I like to adhere to the old saying that  way to a man's heart is through his stomach. With this in mind I thought these Superfood Chocolate Morsels would be the perfect healthy indulgence to share on Father's Day (or any day for that matter!).


Gift Ideas

I wanted to share a few men's products that I LOVE and that can be trusted to be non toxic, chemical free and only made with natural ingredients. 

Our skin is our biggest organ, it is said that what we put on it is absorbed into our body in 26 seconds. Men tend to use 6 personal care products on their body everyday (women are double that with 12, usually applied before they have even walked out the front door). If you are not using chemical free products the combination of all these products can be chemical cocktail entering your body. I highly recommend watching the movie the Human Experiment produced by Sean Penn- it will change the way you think!

Every Man Jack Products  

Every Man Jack has a range of men's skincare, deodorants, shaving products and sunblocks that are honest, straightforward and effective. Most importantly they are stripped of harsh chemicals and toxins that impact us on a cellular level. Did you know men are 60% more likely to die of cancer in Australia than women?

I recently gave an Every Man Jack Deodorant to my hubby. The thought of him using aluminium, propylene glycol, parabens and pthalates under his armpits everyday of his life made my skin crawl. He is always a little sceptical of my natural alternatives but I was secretly delighted when he admitted that it worked really well and smelt good too.

The other Everyman Jack product that is high on my love list is the Every Man Jack Lotion SPF15. Many of the natural sunblocks tend to be quite thick and greasy. This product is light and non greasy, it is deeply hydrating and great for sensitive skin. 


Vanessa Megan Products for Him
As you well know I'm a huge fan of Vanessa Megan products and I love their motto - you should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat. The Vanessa Megan men's products are just a yummy and considered as the women's and baby range. In last month's MIND FOOD Magazine Vanessa Megan Men's Black Pepper Cleanser was named one of their favourite food focussed products. This is a gorgeous father's day pressie paired with the Vanessa Megan Bergamot Shaving Cream.

Check out the full range of Men's Products HERE        

Reader Special 
There is still time to jump online and grab something for Dad this weekend - or hop on and treat yourself to some nourishing treats. We are offering readers 15% off more than 500 products all weekend! 


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