Our Birthday 'Best Of' List - Not to be Missed. May 17 2014 by Simone Denny

 This week the Nourishing Hub turned ONE - what a journey it has been! I want to extend a HUGE thank you to all of you for supporting the Nourishing Hub, for being a subscriber, customer and for spreading the Nourishing love to others! I am genuinely so so grateful.

Without this sounding like an Oscar speech I really want to thank my gorgeous husband James. He's the guy who has liked every single one of my Facebook posts (even when no one else did!) and he has read and reviewed every blog, interview and recipe for me. James has listened to me bat around every idea under the sun for the Nourishing Hub and has supported me 100% in following my passion and being a Mumma - big love to this guy! 

Today I share with you our journey over the last year with our 'best of' list from our blog. Oh how I wanted to share so many articles but I limited myself to just one a month. I haven't even started on the recipes but you can check recipes I have shared here.

In June we shared The Health Benefits of Raw Cacao + Our Delicious Black Bean Chocolate Cake - yes black beans! My Daughter turned 2 this month a year ago, the Nourishing Hub was live for it's first month and I was pregnant with number 2. A busy year lay ahead!

In July Kate Lyndley, expert blood microscopist, explained How to Alkalise. One of my favourite topics, oh how I just love my greens!

Need some of inspiration on your Path to Wellness? In August we interviewed the gorgeous Melissa Ambrosini, who shared her words of wisdom. 


We've talked about antioxidants a lot over the past year. In September we shared how Black Rice has more Antioxidants than Blueberries. Hopefully you got to try out our Superfood Black Rice Pudding. 


The In October we shared the top 5 natural sources of Vitamin C. Did you know Gubinge and Camu Camu contain the highest sources of Vitamin on the Planet?!


In November I gave birth to my beautiful daughter India - feeling inspired I wrote about my Pregnancy Smoothie Essentials.


In December With Christmas on it's way we shared inspiration for healthy cooking - four delicious recipes including Quinoa Stuffing and homemade Nutella. 


We kicked off the new year with how Sugar suppresses the Immune System written by naturopath Pernille Koldjense.

In February it was hard to go past the Raw Maqui Berry Superfood Cheesecake but there was also a great article on Brain Builders for Kids.


In March it was my birthday and I turned 39 (eek next year is another BIG birthday) - we shared info on the Mighty Chia and our Chia Colada Recipe.

Last month the wonderful Lisa Guy, naturopath and author, wrote about Tackling Tummy Troubles  and shared some great tips on how to improve digestive health. We travelled to Sri Lanka and got lots of inspiration in the kitchen there (which I will share).


I want to express my sincerest gratitude for all the amazing practitioners who contributed during the year to the Nourishing Hub - Sam Akins the Homepathic CoachDebbie Spellman - Detox your MindThe Holistic Ingredient - CTCRichard Ere on AnxietyThe Internal PlumbersClaudette Wadsworth - Naturopath, Alison French Chiropractic Lisa Guy -Naturopath (as mentioned above) - incredible individuals contributing to the health and happiness of people in this world! 

I am so excited to share another year of the Nourishing Hub with you. I would love to hear what you would like to see in this space - please drop us line and tell us what articles, recipes, interviews and more you are interested in are we'll do our best to provide. Email us here

Thank you again for your support and don't forget to jump online and enjoy 20% off EVERYTHING all weekend. Sale starts midnight tonight - just enter the code BIRTHDAY when you che. Shop here.


Much Love

Simone @ the Nourishing Hub X