Drink Your Greens May 09 2011 by Simone Denny

So who likes to eat a big bowl of spinach and wild weeds? Yes, I do enjoy a good salad most nights, but sometimes, just sometimes, I can't face a bowl of greens. So whats the alternative? Drink them instead! I've been experimenting with putting loads of fresh young greens in my smoothies (just seasonal fruit and whatever 'superfoods' I feel like putting in). And I reckon its the easiest, tastiest way of getting your greens. The most nutrient dense too, as the greens are raw. My kids will drink it too, as it just tastes like fruit and has a funky bright green colour, so I tell them its a Shrek smoothie!

So what combos am I currently using? Well in season at the moment: pineapples, squeezed oranges, grapefruit, dragon fruit, and then a couple of handfuls of baby spinach, rocket, lettuce, etc. All blended up with maybe maca powder, Udo's Oil, or for an antioxidant mega boost, acai powder.  

So the next time your making a smoothie, try adding some greens. Start with a little, then gradually work your way up to more. You will be really surprised at how much you can put in before you can taste it.