February Newsletter - Love, Chocolate and Other Treats February 01 2014 by Simone Denny

Yes It's Valentines and we have lots of things to LOVE about this month!


So it's almost Valentine's Day, people tend to fall into two camps with regards to this date. There are those who relish the excuse to get into the romantic spirit and embrace the chance to make someone in their life feel loved and adored on this day. The second camp are those that cringe at the thought of it; the commercialisation of it, the fact that single people may feel marginalised or left out and generally just how contrived the whole day can feel. 

I recently thought how amazing the world would be if on Valentine's Day we could celebrate Self Love - an all-inclusive day where people were kind and loving to themselves. Imagine the knock on effect of this love through our relationships if everyone was practicing unconditional love on themselves and others. Something to think about this Valentine's Day :)


Chocolate and Valentines Day often go hand in hand. Perhaps this is due to the mood altering chemicals found in dark chocolate that boost the levels of endorphins (natural opiates) and serotonin (the feel good mood enhancing neurotransmitter) in the brain. Raw cacao is not only good for mental health it also has antioxidant benefits as discussed previously on the Nourshing hub blog.

These are a few of my favourite Valentine recipes....

Homemade Raw Cacao Hazelnut Nutella
This is such a yummy homemade Valentines gift for those you love - this is one of those recipes you wish you never made! Once these jars of chocolatey hazelnut spread hit the shelves of your fridge, it is is impossible not to sneak another spoonful. On the upside it is a lot more guilt-free than traditional Nutella and is refined sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and has no hidden nasties.


Make Me Glow Chocolate Smoothie
This smoothie is a wonderful potion for glowing skin and tastes unbelievably good! The combination of the selenium from the brazil nuts and the monounsaturated fats from from the avocado, plus the antioxidants from the raw cacao make this smoothie a great skin tonic. This one is also for those who say a smoothie doesn't fill them up - this will keep you going from breakfast to lunchtime and beyond.


The Peruvians knew a good superfood when they found one! Maca is native to the mountainous regions of Peru and packed with numerous health benefits. On the topic of LOVE maca powder is known for it's ability to promote endurance, stamina and enhance sexual desire! Maca helps to optimise Master Gland function, therefore it can be beneficial for hormonal issues, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and fertility. Maca Powder is available here.

Last Valentine's Day I made my Nourished Hubby this little breakie - complete with Raw Maca Bars for the occasion.


For Him

As you know the Nourishing Hub is dedicated to beautiful natural and organic products for women, but I couldn't help expanding our range to these gorgeous natural products for men! 

I recently discovered Every Man Jack Natural Grooming products, made with no nasty parabens or other toxins, and they even have aluminium-free deodorants for men too. See the full range here.


Vanessa Megan (a favourite of mine as you know) has some stunning certified organic natural men's products also. Why not spice up his life with some Black Pepper Cleanser :). Read more here


We have a range of beautiful gifts and gift packs for Nourishing Women on Valentine's Day - check out our full range here. Here are a few of our picks for the day.

For Her
Vanessa Megan Cocoa Coconut Cream
This really does sound good enough to eat, and knowing Vanessa Megan's products you probably could! This is one of the new Certified Organic Body and Home Range. Read more here.

Loving Earth Chocolate and Coconut Spread
Don't have time to make your own Nutella - this is a ridiculously good alternative and so moreish! Read more here

Love Chai White Rose and Goji 
There is a lovely range of Love Chai teas and this particular one is a delicious blend in a generously sized canister and makes a great gift for loved ones. Read more here.


We have had a busy start to 2014 adding lots of new products - you can check them out here.

Our Australia Day Sale proved be a hit - for this reason we have extended it through till Monday the 10th of February. Enjoy more than 25% of some products  - click here 

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Wishing you all a very happy month of February - may it be filled with much love and joy!


Simone @ the Nourishing Hub