Green Juice December 11 2010 by Simone Denny

I have to say that I was very surprised when I first started making green juices at how delicious they actually are. Although they look very 'healthy' and 'green', I can assure they do not taste like blended grass! In fact, in some ways I even prefer them to fruit juices. The secret, I think, is to choose a mixture of green vegetables and herbs and a few sweet fruits such as apple or pear.

Green juices are a great way of getting vital nutrients and minerals into your body without having to eat bowls of vegetables. There are many articles and blogs on the web of people that have completed green juice cleanses and fasts for a month and even three months! Green juices are great for fasting/cleansing/detoxing as they are easily assimilated by the body, yet provide lots of nutrients at the same time.

A recipe I love is :

2 sticks celery

1 bunch spinach

1/2 long cucumber

1 bunch mint

2 apples

1 beetroot

Pass it all through a juicer and enjoy! Although the beetroot doesn't make it strictly a green juice (more purple), I love the earthy flavour of beetroot and its really good for cleansing the liver.

If you don't feel like getting the juicer out , or don't have one, try one of our power packed green powders to add to a glass of fruit juice or taken as a capsule to get some of the vitality packed goodness of greens.