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Nourishing Hub Interview with the Internal Plumbers 

I'm so excited to introduce you to the Internal Plumbers - Justin Smidmore and Peter Aftanas. We don't get many blokes on the Nourishing Hub, so it's a bit of a bonus that we get two in one article this week! 

I was fortunate to have a chance meeting with the lovely Justin at Marrickville Markets not long ago and we got chatting about 'cleaning your pipes' of all things. Justin spoke passionately about the Internal Plumber products and explained how they could benefit people with gut issues, those wanting to lose weight or those who want clear and vibrant skin. Interested? I was!

I am yet to meet Peter but Justin is one of these people that you meet and immediately think, I want to be your friend. He is hugely passionate about the Internal Plumber products and has a wonderful attitude to life - as you will read throughout the interview. The Internal Plumber products have been getting rave reviews, so there must be something in this Chinese Medicine alchemy......

                      Peter Aftanas                                    Justin Smidmore

Q/ Justin – you are one of the The Internal Plumbers. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how your product was born?

A/ Peter and I have worked together for many years. We have a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tonic tea brand called Little China Teas. The Plumber came about when Peter told me about fossil shell flour (also known as diatomaceous earth) and how he’d been using it with great success in his Bondi practice. In separate conversations Peter also mentioned how TCM practitioners are turning to the high potency, organic granulised forms of traditional herbs instead of the dried herb.
We then had the lightbulb idea of combining them and seeing what would happen. Needless to say we, and others who tried Peter's early concoctions, were so happy with the results we decided to develop it and eventually take The Plumber to the world.

Q/ The Internal Plumber – love the name! Can you tell us about why your products are called this?

A/ Awww, thanks. We love it too. Along with the line ‘Cleans Your Pipes’ it just says exactly what it does with a little personality. Plus, many women refer to their ‘plumbing’ so it just made sense.  


Q/ Your products combine fossil flour and Chinese Medicine – this is unique. Can you tell us more about this? 

A/  Sure. The Plumber is the sum of it’s parts - a kind of hybrid Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine formula. Both fossil shell flour and granular Chinese herbs work well by themselves but work wonders when combined. We were quite amazed by the combination and Peter played around (scientifically, of course) for a long time with the ingredients and quantities.


Q/ You have 3 formulas – A Digestive Formula, a Slimming Formula and a Skin Formula. Can you elaborate on these formulas?

A/ Your digestive system is the foundation of health and wellbeing. With twists, turns and kinks throughout and our modern lifestyle it gets clogged and inefficient. The Internal Plumber is all about your ten metres of pipes. Simply put, a clean, detoxed and efficient digestive system will help your digestion, weight management and skin condition 

The Chinese herbs in The Plumber are all known for their effects on specific conditions and organs. The great thing we found is the symbiotic relationship between fossil shell flour and Chinese herbs.

DIGESTION herbs: Shan Yao (Chinese yam) and Chen Pi (tangerine peel)

SKIN herbs: Ju Hua (chrysanthemum flower), Ku Shen (sophora root) and Huang Qin (baical skullcap root)  

SLIMMING herbs: Shan Yao (Chinese yam), Fan Xie Ye (senna leaves, mild 1 gram dose) and Gan Jiang (dried ginger root)
We’d encourage people to read up on Chinese Medicine and their herbs. Better yet visit a TCM practitioner. It’s fascinating and you'll learn a lot about balance which is at the heart of this ancient practice.   

Q/ Can you tell us why our lifestyle today is putting so much stress on our digestive systems and how this is affecting our body?

A/ The digestive system is the cornerstone to your health. It just make sense, it’s where all your nutrition and hydration is dispersed (or not as the case may be). Many of us try to do the right thing by our body but still feel ’stuck’, bloated, overweight, tired etc. Life today is super busy, stressful and it puts added pressure on our body and its organs. 

Q/ Your products aren’t tested on animals – but are tested on humans! Can you tell us how this worked and the results of your testing?

A/ From previous research and gathered knowledge we already know what all of the elements in The Internal Plumber do. Fortunately with Peter's 30+ years of clinical experience the next step was simple. All he had to do was construct a blend that would work and try it. Everything work fabulously.

I’ve always struggled with losing a stubborn 10kilo tyre so I was interested to see if it helped. At the time, I was really busy in my day job - travelling, long hours, bad diet. I used The Plumber for 4 months and didn’t really monitor its effect. I did notice increased energy but didn’t put it down to The Plumber at the time. Anyway after this long trial I had lost a noticeable amount of bulge around my waist - the 10 kilos had gone. And after 18 months of using The Plumber I can attest to the increased energy I get from clean pipes.

Q/ What are your own personal practices for keeping a healthy body and a healthy mind?

A/ Aside from The Plumber you mean?! Ha!
Be active with kids. Phew, that’ll do it! I’m really mindful of getting them out and about. We surf, skate (they do, not me), kick the footy, read, draw…anything that doesn’t involve a screen.
I’d really encourage people to learn more about TCM. There’s so much ancient wisdom and effectiveness. I’ve never felt so relaxed as when Peter has needles stuck in me!


Q/ If there were 3 tips on health and wellbeing you could share with the world what would they be?

A/ 1.  Do little 1%’ers everyday. It's such a recent phenomena to go for a complete detox or a radical change of diet. Chinese Medicine is about detoxing and looking after yourself everyday but in a mild, enjoyable way.

2. I really like green nutritional powders, especially ones with Spirulina and Barley grass. I mix my daily Plumber with a green powder and I’m set for the day.
3. Be mindful of your breathing. Big belly breaths with a straight back whenever you think of it. 

Q? What are 3 health products/tonics/potions you can’t live without?

A/ 1. High quality green nutritional powders like superfood, Spirulina and Barley Grass. Quick and easy way to get your greens.
2. Herbal teas (like Little China Teas, ha). I’d drink 4-5 cups a day! Better than caffeine and more exciting than water. They also give you that little 1% goodness.
3. You're getting me to say The Plumber again! It works so well in conjunction with green powders.


Q/ What are your dreams and aspirations for the future?

A/ We just want to share The Plumber with the world. 


Q/ Do you have a life mantra or affirmation you live by?  

A/ From JD Salinger: "Life is a gift horse” To me it speaks to appreciating life, love, friends, experiences…the whole lot. Look at everything as a blessing. 

Interested in trying out the Internal Plumber Products: click here.

Justin and Peter, thank you so much for sharing your words with Nourishing Hub, I'm looking forward to trying out my batch of the Internal Plumber :)

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend. 

Simone @ the Nourishing Hub X