Picnics, Sunblock, Recipes, Christmas Specials + More November 01 2013 by Simone Denny

November is a great month to…

Have a Picnic 
The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer - why not take advantage of being outdoors.  Gather your friends, family and loved ones and opt for a shared meal outside. I am a big fan of cafe culture but there is something so liberating about spreading out a mat and sharing beautiful food with others. 


This picture is a little shared picnic we had in Bronte last summer. You may be able to spot my Cauliflower and Yogurt Salad, which is a great summer dish to share with friends.

Breads and Dips are always a good addition to picnics. If you do buy rather than make, I recommend checking them for added preservatives as so many contain added nasties. Yalla is a wonderful brand that doesn't have preservatives. Alternatively you can always make your own. Here is my Pumpkin Hummus Recipe for you to try.


Switch to a Natural Non-Toxic Sunblock and Tan Lotions

With summer here we naturally gravitate to the outdoors and sun exposure is inevitable. 
A little bit of sunshine on our skin is essential for dosing up on vitamin D. There are a growing number New Zelanders and Australians that are deficient in vitamin D - in fact a recent study showed that more than half of all Australians are lacking in vitamin D. 

Although covering up with sunblock or using fake tan and avoiding the sun are sensible things to do, allowing nasty chemicals to enter your bloodstream (and your children's) can have an extremely negative impact on your health. Some of the worst chemical offenders are dioxybenzone and oxybenzone (but there are numerous others), these are nasty free radical generators and can affect hormone function. Try to use a sunblock that is high in Zinc Oxide. Read more about it in Sarah Wilson's article on sunblock safety here


Best Natural Sunblocks

Wot Not
Although a little greasy, this brand really does tick all the boxes for a safe non toxic sunscreen. Made with Zinc Oxide and without any of the nasty chemicals it is great for adults, children and babies.  

Another excellent natural sunscreen without the use of any chemical UV-absorbers, titanium dioxide, or synthetic preservatives

UV Natural (adult and baby varieties
I like this brand, it is non greasy and 150ml size goes a long way. UV natural provides effective sun protection and uses naturally derived ingredients and Zinc Oxide to protect from the suns harmful rays. It is blended with natural oils and extracts that are good for the skin.

I would also recommend Invisible Zinc, this is a good sunblock made primarily of Zinc Oxide. 

Best Non Toxic Tanning Lotion

Eco Tan Organic Invisible Tan
Our customers love this product and we have received really positive feedback on this range. It is moisturising and provides an even tan (without marking clothing or sheets) while being free from synthetics or toxic ingredients

See our full range of Sunblocks and Tanning Lotions 
here for adults and for babies and little ones click here.

Stay Hydrated
As the weather gets warmer we tend to lose more water from our bodies, especially when exercising in the heat. The simplest hydration test is to check of the colour or your urine, which indicates whether you well hydrated (it should be pale yellow or clear). Being dehydrated can cause headaches, dry skin and fatigue.

Coconut Water is a wonderful way of hydrating the body due to its potassium and mineral content (and great taste) - a natural electrolyte. If it's not easy for you to get hold of Coconut water or you're travelling or on the run you can always use Freeze Dried Coconut from Loving Earth - the equivalent of 16 coconuts in a bag,  just add water. 



Many sports drinks that claim to rehydrate are filled with artificial colours, preservatives and sugars. Why not make your own fresh juice or smoothie filled with the nutrients your body needs. Check out the Nourishing Hub's Smoothies and Juices or be inspired by Amy Crawford's 'A Nourishing Kitchen' recipe ebook - delish! 

Start Your Christmas Shopping or Make Something
 this year

This year I'm taking a different approach to Christmas and I'm going to either make gifts or do most of my shopping online. Having a toddler just makes the whole shopping experience quite challenging for everyone - I think I'll do it when she is tucked up in bed this time! 

The Nourishing Hub has a range of natural and organic products that make beautiful gifts for all ages. We will gift wrap them for free and send them out with your personal message. Alternatively you can send the gift of health by giving a Nourishing Hub Gift Voucher. Here are few ideas for the lovely women in your life. 

Thinking of making something for Christmas this year? Get inspired with the DIY Christmas Food Gifts and Beauty Gifts workshop by Brenda Janschek in Sydney. Event details 

We are offering a 
Christmas Special for the month of November for Vanessa Megan Skin Care Products - 20% off all Vanessa Megan ProductsCompletely natural and non toxic, these make beautiful gifts for christmas. There are also some beautiful pregnancy and new baby products. Click here for the skin care and body care range. 


A few reminders...

  • All orders over $100 have free delivery
  • For Sydneysiders - you can always opt for the 'pick up' option at check-out and remove the delivery cost
  • We gift wrap orders FREE - just tell us at check out and we'll add a note and package it up.
  • If there are products you would like us to stock on the Nourishing Hub just us drop a line on info@nourishinghub.com.au 

Have a wonderful November

Health and Happiness, 

Simone @ the Nourishing Hub X