Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy September 06 2011 by Simone Denny

  • Many people have heard that raspberry leaf tea is beneficial during pregnancy, but I think its value is quite underestimated! Although studies have been done, there is not a huge amount of scientific evidence to back up the claims, but, it is believed that raspberry leaf, if taken regularly through pregnancy and labour can:

    • Ease the symptoms of morning sickness.
    • Sooth and prevent bleeding gums which many pregnant women often experience.
    • Relax the smooth muscles of the uterus when it is contracting
    • Assist with the birth of the baby and the placenta.
    • Calm cramping of the uterus.
    • Provide a rich source of iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium. The magnesium content is especially helpful in strengthening the uterine muscles. Raspberry leaf also contains vitamins B1, B3 and E which are valuable in pregnancy.

    Raspberry leaf is also used for the following:
    • To aid fertility.
    • To promote a plentiful supply of breastmilk.
    • To help stop excess bleeding after birth.
    • To treat diarrhoea.
    • To regulate irregular menstrual cycle and decreases heavy periods.
    • To relieve sore throats.
    • To reduce fever.

    It is thought that around one fifth of pregnant women take some form of raspberry leaf. Women believe that it will shorten labour and make the birth easier. The use of this herb for remedial purposes dates back to the sixth century and its benefits in childbirth have been recorded as a proven aid in maternity in the most ancient of herbal books.

    Although raspberry leaf is available in tablet and tincture form, I personally believe that it is best to take it as a tea. In my last pregnancy, I started taking it a month before my due date, and drank about 2-3 cups a day. It is recommended that you start taking raspberry leaf tea at about 32 weeks, if you are using it to help with labour. I had a really quick labour, just a few hours, and recovered very quickly afterwards.  Please remember if you are already pregnant to only take it in the third trimester, as it is a powerful herb and can cause contractions.
    I really believe it helped my labour and recovery, especially when I compare it to my first pregnancy when I didn't take raspberry leaf tea.