Supercharge your day with Maca November 16 2013 by Simone Denny

We are very fortunate to have the inspiring Lisa Guy contribute to the Nourishing Hub blog this week.  Lisa is a respected Sydney based naturopath, nutritionist and passionate foodie.  In addition to operating her 'Art of Healing' clinic, Lisa makes regular contributions to a variety of leading magazines, newspapers and websites.

Lisa is the author several books including My Goodness: all you need to know about children’s health and nutrition, Heal Yourself, and Pregnancy Essentials. She is also Body and Soul magazine's resident nutrition expert. Lisa is driven by a desire to help people achieve their happiest, healthiest selves by using healing herbs, homeopathic remedies, and clean, wholesome foods that are full of nutritional goodness. Lisa has a particular interest in infant and children’s health and helping support women through pregnancy and beyond. Read more about Lisa’s work here or join her on facebook here.

Supercharge your day with Maca

Looking for ways to super charge your day? Give my marvelous maca smoothie a go. Ideal for breakfast or a nutritious snack, this smoothie will give your energy levels a boost, and maybe your sex life too.
Maca is a root vegetable native to Peru, which has been used for thousands of years as a nutritious food staple. This Peruvian superfood is considered an ‘adaptogen’, as it works wonders for improving energy levels and helping you cope with the stressful demands of modern life.

Maca also has a positive effect on our hormonal system, helping to correct hormone imbalances in the body. Maca is a wonderful superfood for women suffering from PMS, or menopausal symptoms including hot flushes. Some women take maca as a natural alternative to HRT. Maca is also called ‘Nature’s Viagra’, as it is best known for its aphrodisiac qualities and ability to improve libido and sexual performance.

Maca is also popular with athletes as it helps improve endurance and performance. Maca contains high levels of B vitamins, which are essential for producing energy, and is also a good vegetarian source of B12, necessary for healthy functioning nerves. Maca is also beneficial for your bones and for prevention of osteoporosis as it contains calcium and magnesium.

Maca powder has a light, nutty flavour, which mixes well in smoothies, muffins, protein balls, or sprinkled over breakfast cereal.

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Marvelous Maca Smoothie

2 tablespoons of Maca powder
1 ripe banana
Handful of frozen organic raspberries
1 tablespoon chia seeds
Milk of choice (organic cow, almond, soy, rice)
Organic vanilla yoghurt
A little raw honey or a medjool date (optional for extra sweetness)
Place ingredients in a blender and mix until well combined.
Then serve and enjoy.
Makes 1 smoothie.