Our Healthy Christmas Gift Guide November 28 2014 by Simone Denny

Hello there, 

Ah, can you believe it is Christmas in less than a month! I am certainly not prepared this year and actually think I'm in denial. I keep sending out everyone's orders, thinking oh how lovely they're buying that for Christmas but alas I haven't even started shopping myself.  

In this week's post 
I cringe to say that it's all about the Nourishing Products - "what no recipe or juicy article on health?" I hear you say! I promise this is one of the very few times a year I will be doing some shameless self promotion of the hub - so brace yourself for a bit of a sales pitch (sorry!)

Below are a range of hand selected gift boxes featuring some of my favourite natural and organic products, all of them free from chemicals and hidden nasties and just 100% pure yummy! You can click on the gift box links for more product info.

We are also very happy to build gift boxes for you - just drop us an email at info@nourishinghub.com.au with what you are looking for and we'll 
create something special for you.

The Goddess Gift Box

OK, so most of us have someone in our lives we consider a bit of a goddess - that gorgeous human who just rocks our world. That special someone who you just think is Christmas itself. Someone who has been there for you all year and that deserves a bit of goddess pampering.


Breathe Deep & Relax Gift Box
This box is for anyone who has had a tough year, a crazy-busy year or a stressful year (OK so probably suitable for just about everyone). 
This is for that special someone who needs to take a few deep breaths, a long bath (using some Ground Me Please bath salts) and have a cup of calming tea.

This box includes the 
wonderful non toxic Eco Coconut Deodorant, which makes a great stocking filler. 


Eco Kids Gift Box
This is a beautiful mix of natural and organic produce that have been tried and tested and are perfect for everyday use. All products are free from nasty chemicals or toxins and are made with only the finest natural ingredients. 


The Sporty Spice Energy Box
A great little pressie for those sporty spice ladies out there. This is filled with goodies to energise active bunnies, plus some good support products such as Amazonia Raw Energy and some Iris Practice Muscle Soak.


The Nourishing Mama Gift Box
What Mama's out there don't need a bit of me time? If only you could buy that in a box! The next best thing are these little treats for a bit of self nourishment. Happy Mama Affirmation Cards - a gift that keeps on giving :)


The Nellie Tier Gift Box
I know there are some die hard Nellie Tier fans out there and if you're not, let me introduce you to this beautiful New Zealand brand of luxurious skincare. These products are made with natural ingredients and beautiful natural fragrances and are a must try. This product includes free shipping.


Pure Joy Gift Box
Taste, smell, feel - this 100% Organic gift box ticks all the sensory boxes. It includes Loving Earth Chocolate Butter (try to stop at one spoonful!), the new raw Chocolate Choc Chip Turkish Delight bar + Vanessa Megan Cocoa and Coconut Body Cream (good enough to eat) and delicious Mint and Citrus Room Spray.


Nourishing Hubby Gift Box 
This is the perfect gift for those hard to buy guys in your life. Everyman Jack has created a beautiful range of chemical free, no nasties Men's grooming products that work.


The Dog Lover
I couldn't leave out this gorgeous product for dogs! This 
Nellie Tier Phoebe & Fitz Dog Wash is chemical free, ph balanced, using aloe vera and honey. Botanical extracts have been chosen for anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties and a fresh smelling glen of pure essential oil has been added as a flea deterrent.


I promise more recipes, articles and less Christmas sales pitches to come :)                                     

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

Simone @ the Nourishing Hub XX