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Everything is a bit upside on the home front this week, we need to move house and are in full packing mode. As fast as we're packing things away the kids are pulling them out again! Moving is always a good reminder to simply ones life, clear out unnecessary belongings (sometimes easier said than done) and start a new beginning. We have been putting boxes of 'stuff' in our garage and I can't help but notice how good it feels to live with less.

Anyway I digress, I just wanted to pop by and let you know about a discount we have running from today until midnight Sunday (Mother's Day). We are offering our followers 15% off our entire range of stock (more than 600 products). Just enter the code NOURISHMUM at checkout and don't forget FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100. Do jump in quick as some stock is limited - you can start shopping here

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New and Noteworthy on the Nourishing Hub

I'm delighted to be stocking Lee Holme's Supercharged Heal your Gut Powder (this now replaces the Internal Plumber Gut Powder). As you are probably aware so much of our health is governed by the health of our gut.  Heal Your Gut Powder contains naturopathic grade organic Diatomaceous Earth, which helps to clean out accumulated build-up of waste, toxins, metals and mucus in the digestive tract. 
                             clean out accumulated build-up of toxins

If you haven't tried Loving Earth's Whole Ground Organic Coconut Paste I recommend you do. This Coconut Paste has a creamy texture and rich flavour. It is made with whole coconut flesh and is ground into a beautifully aromatic spread. It has a great coconutty flavour, semi-smooth texture and can be used in a range of sweet and savoury dishes. 
                                          sweet and savoury dishes

Another yummy addition from Loving Earth is the Loving Earth Drinking Chocolate. Made from Raw Cacao sourced from the Amazon, this drinking chocolate is rich, sweet and decadent and can be enjoyed hot or code. All of the ingredients in this delicious blend are certified organic, single origin and fairly traded.
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                                        An Online Course I just LOVED
You may have heard me talk about a course I have now done twice called 30 days to Your Low Tox Life with the wonderful Alexx Stuart. It has to be one of the most informative courses I have done in this space and truly believe everyone would benefit from. We have no idea about the chemicals we interact with every day and how these are impacting our health. Alexx does a brilliant job of laying out the facts with her team of experts. You will learn everything from how to avoid harmful chemicals in your candles to ??. The course outlines easy ways to swap or ditch products and move forward in an empowered positive way. 

The private course community is positive and you'll learn loads of tips and tricks from others doing the course too. If you're looking to go low tox but have no idea where to start I can guarantee you Alexx is a great guide. Get all the facts and be quick to enrol so you don't miss out - CLICK HERE

                Are you ready to go LOW TOX?


                                                  Our Saltuary Spa Winner

You may remember my blog on the Ultimate Me Time Experience at the Saltuary in Sydney. Some of you wrote to me with what you like to do for 'Me Time' - I just loved the responses and I wished I could have given everyone a day at this amazing place! We have one VERY LUCKY WINNER: Jade Kirkland-Burr. The Salturary Vitality Package includes an infarred sauna, a float tank (it is truly so dreamy!) and a Himalayan Salt Therapy. 

If you haven't already, I highly recommend checking out the Saltuary - it makes for an amazing Mother's day pressie too! 

                 Best Ways to Detox

                                                  Inspiration On the Blog 

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Mother's Day Gluten Free Carrot and Brazil Nut Muffins + Our 6 Picks for Mother's Day

If you haven't had time to sort something out for your Mum this mother's day why not sent her a Nourishing Hub Gift Voucher - let her choose from a huge range of natural and organic products in our gift section.

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Have a beautiful rest of your week and weekend! 

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