8 Things I'm Loving this August - Recipes, Websites, Inspiration August 09 2015 by Simone Denny

Hello there, 

Well it's been a while since I've done one of my "love lists". I always like doing these lists as it's a bit like a gratitude diary - you remember all the good things happening in your life and focus on the 'haves' rather than the 'have nots'.

I have been watching my 4 year old hard at play and am always baffled by her desire to want the one toy another other child has, even if she hasn't played with that toy for months. It seems there is an innate desire in humans to focus on that which we don't have rather than that which we do. When we shift our focus to the abundance of what we have there is an immediate sense of fulfilment

Ok so here we are 8 things I'm loving (and am grateful for) this August.....


1. Going Nuts for Hazelnuts
I am loving the new range of hazelnut chocolate from Loving Earth, and their new packaging. The hazelnut chocolate butter is just AMAZING! Who needs Nutella when you can get these beautiful treats without any of the hidden nasties. I dare you to try to stop at one bite! You can get them HERE.

2. Shakti's Pumpkin, Sweet Potato Soup with Keffir Lime and Lemongrass 
Here in Sydney we are in the middle of winter and for me there is no better comfort food than a delicious bowl of hot soup. You may have heard me mention Shakti before - she makes the wonderful Shakti's Superfoood Blend, of which I'm an avid user, and she also has a food delivery service in the NSW Central Coast called Nourished + Nurtured. I made one of Shakti's soups last night it is just delicious, with a lovely fragrant Asian flavour. I highly recommend you try it HERE
 Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup

3. Marianne Williamson
I was very fortunate to be given a ticket to an all day workshop by Marianne Williamson by a gorgeous friend of mine. Many of your will know Marianne Williamson - she has been sharing her wisdom for many years and is well known for her book Return to Love. This  was very much the theme of her talk, always returning to love rather than ego. I need pages to summarise her talk but I thought this quote of hers would suffice as a wee summary. 

health food shop

4. Healthy Fit Kids - Meet Kate
The lovely Kate Bowen has very recently launched her website called Healthy Fit Kids, which is an excellent resource for parents. Kate is wonderfully down to earth and has a heart of gold. On her website she shares great tips on how to keep your kids physically fit, feed them real food and provide them with the right emotional support. Jump onto Kate's Facebook page and support her work - she always posts loads of interesting little tidbits there. 

Organic Baby Products
5Coaching Again
You may not know but I am a qualified life coach, I studied in London some years back and recently, as time has allowed, I have started taking on clients again. I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to see people make a shift in their life, to overcome obstacles and to live their true purpose. This has to be one of my greatest loves at the moment. If you feel like you you have a bucket list of things to do but aren't doing them or you would like support in achieving your personal or business goals drop me a mail at simone@nourishinghub.com.au and we have a call to discuss what might be possible for you.

6. Periscope 
So this the latest social media distraction! This clever app live streams people from all over the world broadcasting their videos in real time (there is no cutting and editing here). There are lots of inspiring people (and lots of random ones) all sharing their message in the moment. Join me there I'm @nourishinghub

7. Inspiring Talks for Sydneysiders
David Bedrick will be coming to Sydney this September for a number of workshops and talks (one of them is free!). David is an expert on shame, diets and body image, diversity, dreams and new paradigms in psychology. He is the Author of Talking Back to Dr Phil and writes for Psychology Today and The Huffington Post, as well as counselling people internationally. To read more about his Sydney workshop and events visit the lovely Homeopathic Coach's website HERE.

Best Organic Baby Products
One of David's workshops is "Hunger, Dieting and Body Image", where he talks extensively about why diets often fail and about the deeper wisdom of our bodies.

8. Sustainable Products
I am becoming more aware about my plastic footprint in the world. I keep noticing things coming into the house and wonder how many years (often 100's) they will take to break down after my time here is done. I have a long way to go before I'm plastic free but I'm making small steps in that direction. If I am buying plastics I try to choose recycled plastic (that can be recycled again), I am loving these new Jack N' Jill musical electric toothbrushes. Their handles are made from recycled materials that can be recycled again + they are BPA, PVC and phthalate free. I also love the Jack N' Jill rinse cup made from bamboo & rice husks, which are biodegradable. Check them out on the Nourishing Hub

health products online australia
Have a great week!

Simone X

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