A Personal Note From Me And Why I'm Taking A Break July 14 2016 by Simone Denny 1 Comment

Hello there,

Well here we are in the second half of the year - how did that happen? As John Lennon said 'life is what happens when you're busy making other plans'. I have certainly been busy making other plans and I have made a conscious decision to invite in more of the 'living' part and less of the busy part into my life.

So what's happening to the Nourishing Hub you might be asking? Well essentially nothing will be changing on the Nourishing Hub site but I have decided to go travelling with my family for 3 - 4 months from the start of August (followed by a possible permanent move offshore). This is a decision that I haven't made lightly. Like most of us who have a family and/or a job or their own business it's not easy to pack up your life and take off.

The one thing I know from moving many times is it is there is NEVER a perfect time for these things. The hardest part is deciding to do it and then committing to that decision. As our lives get more complicated with mortgages, schools, evolving friendships it feels like we can never move, never leave, never be spontaneous again but it is always possible (with varying degrees of effort). 

Why are we hitting the road? When my husband and I first met we traveled for many months (almost a year) and we promised each other that when we had kids we would keep travelling with them as it was something we both loved with a passion. My eldest daughter Bodhi is soon to start school and I feel more than ever that I want to treasure this time as family. I want to spend time together without always rushing to be somewhere (daycare, swimming lessons, a playdate). I want to stop being distracted by beeping phones, email alerts or door bells ringing - I just want to BE a family, connecting deeply, experiencing new places, people and food together - these moments in life are so precious and evaporate so quickly.

                                       James and I with our daughters Bodhi and India

The Nourishing Hub will continue to run business as usual, with the loving support of you, my followers and customers, and some key people who are helping me to make this possible. It is here that I want to introduce you to the newest member of the Nourishing Hub team, my very capable cousin Denny James, who will be running all of our distribution and customer relations while I'm on the road. It is now official - I have a family business :). Feel free to drop Denny a line with any questions or concerns  or just to say Hi: denny@nourishinghub.com.au. I am very grateful for her support. 

I will continue to work on the Nourishing Hub behind the scenes and will still write and share health and wellness articles. I have some great guests coming to the Hub and of course more recipes. I will just be less involved with order distribution and the on the floor work for a wee while. 

I hope that you will be open to a few travel posts from my life on the road, possibly some deviations into topics that evolve through having some more time and space 

Ultimately I am here to serve you - I want to give you the information you want, the products that fulfill your needs and share nourishing recipes that make you feel well. I LOVE hearing from you - if you have feedback, suggestions are looking for information or products just email me anytime simone@nourishinghub.com.au and I will do my best to help you. 

Thank you again for being here. 

Simone X

A big welcome to the lovely Denny James who will be working out of Melbourne for the Nourishing Hub.