BIG NEWS: Why it’s time I said goodbye to the Nourishing Hub August 14 2018 by Simone Denny

Hello beautiful person,
If I’m completely honest, it has probably taken me about two years to write this post.
It might sound like a bad case of procrastination but actually, it isn’t. It has just taken me that long to get up the courage to part with my baby – the Nourishing Hub. It is like parting with a little piece of myself, so there is definitely a little grief in this goodbye.  I’m welling up a bit just writing this.

Simone Denny Wellness

Those of you who have built your own business will know how much heart and soul (and good old blood, sweat, and tears) goes into this part of your life. It really does become part of your family and sheesh is it hard to let go!
The Nourishing Hub was a turning point in my life. I left my banking career, became a first time Mum, and within a year launched the website. At that time the site was dedicated to women’s health – I had no subscribers, my friends were the only people buying things from the site (thank you dear friends for that) and my husband James (who even wrote a blog) was the only person who liked every single one of my Facebook posts – even when the post was about PMS :)


India was always a key player in distribution. 

If you have ever bought products from the Nourishing Hub, tried a recipe, read the blogs, or emailed us about your order, you might assume that there is a team of people running everything behind the scenes, but truth be told for most of the time it has just been me, taking washing baskets of parcels to the post office with two kids under 3 years old in tow.

At night, while my little ones slept, I created recipes, interviewed the likes of Libby Weaver, Melissa Ambrosini and Lola Berry, and wrote well over 150 blogs and recipes, not to mention managing the site itself. The Nourishing Hub has processed thousands of orders and now has over 10,000 followers and a very loyal following (thank YOU for that).
Thankfully, for the past 2 years (since I left Australia) I have had my cousin Denny (yes a true family business, and a true godsend) take care of all the distribution and many other things. This has been a game changer for me and I am forever grateful to my lovely cousin.
Some of you might not know but I have been a life and transformation coach for the last 13 or 14 years (and more recently a Mind Detox therapist). I work with people to find their purpose in life and I know without a doubt that my purpose is to coach and to teach. I coach clients all over the world and this is the work that makes my heart sing (la, la, la). I can’t quieten down the need to do this full time anymore. This is my other baby that has been gaining momentum in the background and now has a beautiful life of its own at

Simone Denny Wellness

What I have discovered about myself through this journey is that I have an enormous desire to make people feel well and happy – that is the driver for everything I do. Yes, this is about the food and the nutrients we put in our body, but it is also about your mind, your beliefs and your thoughts – nothing will impact your health in such a profound way. This is what I want to share!
So, it is with a heavy heart, but a crystal-clear certainty, that I realise it is time to say goodbye to the Nourishing Hub in the form it is today. Over the course of time, I will wind down the shop part of the business. However, I will continue to write here and on my new site to talk about mind-body wellness and to share my message on social media (just as I always have) – it will just be called Simone Denny Wellness and will take a slightly different direction.
For the foreseeable future, it is business as usual. I am not going anywhere, and I will continue to serve you with all my heart – as has always been my number one intention.

I hope you stick with me for my next chapter – I still have so much to share with you. 
As a bittersweet ending, this past week - the Nourishing Hub and I were nominated as one of the finalists in the Ausmumpreneur Awards for Retail, which is such an honour – funny how life works out. I wanted to extend a huge thank you to those who voted for me for the people’s choice award, I am beyond grateful to you.
All my love
PS If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing the Nourishing Hub shop, please just drop me a line for more information.
PPS I am always so delighted to hear from you so feel free to reply to these emails with comments, questions or ideas.