Deliciously Healthy Orange Chocolate Truffles - Nut-free! March 28 2018 by Simone Denny

Hello there, 

Well, earlier this week I completed another trip around the sun - another year older and another year to be grateful to be here on earth. I had a lovely day shared with friends and family and, in keeping with the orange theme, I made my gluten-free Orange Almond Cake. Hot on the tail of my birthday is Easter and if you fancy a healthier Easter this year why not make a batch of these yummy Chocolate Orange Truffles. 

So I have to admit these delicious morsels are not actually my own creations - they were made by one of the healthiest and most vital women I know on the Island, Marie Anne Theuerzeit. Marie Anne is a long-term family friend of ours and has always inspired me with her healthy eating and healthy living regime. Her wholesome lifestyle has definitely paid off: I would say she looks about 20 years younger than her real age - needless to say, I'm eating a lot of orange truffles in the hope I might look the same!

Acquiring this recipe was a bit like Chinese whispers. My sister asked Marie Anne for the recipe, which she jotted down on a piece of paper. When I tasted these AMAZING melt in your mouth orange truffles I had to ask my sister for the recipe, who texted them to me. So when you get asked for this recipe (and you definitely will) you can point everyone here :)

Most bliss balls or raw truffles have nuts in them which are very nutritious but also can cause allergies in some people. Did you know that Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of food allergies in the world? For this reason, many schools and daycares ban nuts or nut products. So the great news with these orange truffles is that they are dairy free, egg free and nut free. It is pretty safe to say you are unlikely to have an allergic reaction. 

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