Gift Ideas For Mumma Bear April 24 2017 by Simone Denny

Hello there, 

It's nearly that time again where we celebrate our Mumma's, or if you are a Mumma, hopefully, someone is celebrating you!

These are our favourite products, all of which are made from 100% natural ingredients, are chemical free and are lovingly made by people who really care about what you put in and on your body. 
Enjoy 10% off all products ordered before Mother's Day (May 7th) - simply enter the code MUMMA.

1. The Luk Mother's Day gift set
This is a gorgeous twin pack for mumma. It includes 
Tea Rose + Chai Shimmer in a calico drawstring pouch with heart gift tag and wire gold heart. 100% natural, universally flattering shades to suit all skin tones. Super sheer shades with a lustrous healthy look that is not too shiny or pigmented. Made from skin-healthy foods: avocado oil, sesame seed oils and cocoa butter.

2. Mummy Me Time Bath Salts
Time to nurture Mum! Mummy Me Time Bath Salts contains salts, herbs and essential oils traditionally known for their calming, balancing and tissue repairing qualities. This blend contains the best quality salts, herbs and essential oils.

3. Kishu Binchotan Charcoal Water Filter
Kishu Binchotan is the purest charcoal on Earth and makes the perfect detoxifying water filter. Its unique ultra-porous structure acts as a powerful filter, absorbing heavy metals, chlorine and impurities that cause an unpleasant taste.

4. Vanessa Megan Mint & Citrus Soy Wax Candle
This is a beautiful gift for her - and 100% natural! Vanessa Megan candles are all detoxing and safe to use when pregnant, on babies and pets. NO plastics are in Vanessa Megan wax and NO toxins are in their scents as they use 100% pure essential oils that have healing properties.

5. Yoga Glow Detox Mask
Based on Ayurvedic tradition this natural detoxifying mask uses natural ingredients which are nutrient rich and effective in combating free radical damage to our skin. 

6. Acure Calming Body Lotion
A great pressie for any mumma. Acure is super moisturising plus has the calming effects of lavender and lotus flower. 
 With nourishing Omega-3 fatty acids from organic pumpkin seed and aragan oil.

7. Alchemy 27 CACAO ELIXIR
This is like natures Milo - a beautiful chocolatey blend with lots of health benefits. The cacao elixir includes adaptogenic substances such as Reshi and Maca, which help to reduce the stressors in the body and strengthen the endocrine system. A great elixir for energy and improved stamina.

Have a wonderful week! 

Simone X