Gluten Free Pear and Fresh Ginger Loaf + A Time for Change March 15 2017 by Simone Denny 2 Comments

Hello there,

As you may know last year I bid farewell to city life, and my family and I moved to an Island in New Zealand (my original home). Life has changed dramatically for me and continues to do so every day I am here. I had so much fear about leaving the city, my friends and my business that I overlooked the incredible fulfilment that could be obtained from living a simple life.

One thing I have noticed a lot recently is how connected (and interested) I am with the natural cycle of things. I want to follow what the tides are doing each day; I'm fascinated by the moon and find myself driving to different places on the Island to watch the moon rise and the sun set. I have a garden to look after for the first time in 20-odd years (I'm embarrassed to admit) and now I'm learning about the cycles of gardening (with a lot of help from my Mum!). Life has slowed down to a pace where I can finally notice these things that have been in my life all along.

Understanding the natural life cycles surrounding me has also sparked my interest in larger cycles that are at play in life. People speak of the 7 year cycle and I personally have moved countries at the end of the past couple of these cycles. Last month it was impossible to ignore the astrological changes at play. Two full moons and two eclipses: the theme for this new phase is all about CHANGE. Don't worry if you missed it, the time to make and embrace this change lasts all the way out to September. For many of us (not all) 2016 marked a time of struggle or a feeling of being stuck but the good news is 2017 holds so much more promise for us all. The time is right to invite in all you want in your life and let go of all that is not serving you. 

While in Sydney a few weekends ago I held an intention setting/vision board workshop with a group of women. It is the perfect time to create how you want to FEEL this year (not just what you want to have), to speak it, create it and keep it alive. Sometimes we feel fear or grief around letting go of what is safe and comfortable (maybe a job, a relationship, a location) but we need to let go to live the true expression of ourselves and to shine our own unique light on this world. 

Gluten Free Pear and Fresh Ginger Loaf 

This week I'm sharing my Gluten Free Pear and Fresh Ginger Loaf. I feel slightly smug in telling you I picked the pears from my own pear tree but the truth is the pear tree was in our garden and like most of nature it was just following the natural cycle of the seasons - we could all take a leaf out of natures book :)

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Have a wonderful week!