Golden Muesli Bars (Vegan) + Retreat Insights December 04 2017 by Simone Denny

Hello lovely human,

Sorry for the radio silence. As many of you know I have been away in Sri Lanka hosting a mind, body and heart wellness retreat with an amazing group of women from all corners of the world. It was fulfilling on so many levels for me; firstly being back in a country that I love so much and immersing our retreat guests into the stunning and remote hill top tea estate called Ashburnham. It really is a magical place to switch off from the rest of the world.   

          Ashburnham tea estate      
Ashburnham Tea Estate 

What I found most fulfilling was doing the work I feel so clearly called to do and connecting with people who have a desire to evolve, expand and connect deeply to their life's desires, and to those around them. Our lives are so busy (the most over used statement of our generation) and this does take its toll on every area of our life. For one week in the middle of the hill country we put things in perspective. We looked at thoughts, beliefs, habits, stories, fears, doubt...and more. Once we had explored it, felt it and released it we could create who and what we wanted to be in life (the exciting part). 

One of our retreat guests looking out to Sigiriya rock

It is not until you deeply feel and acknowledge your pain, your sadness or your little voice of unworthiness that you can truly be liberated from these old emotions. In order to create the full expression of yourself in this world and to feel your natural joy and purpose in life, you have to let go of that which doesn't serve you. I do a lot of this work as a life coach and the liberation of this process is so inspiring to witness

For those you who follow me on instagram or Facebook you will know that I definitely went through an 'adjustment' coming home and stepping back into the real world. It hasn't been an easy week for me, but what I have learned is that you can go away from your home life and live out your full purpose, your calling and you can teach and inspire others, but the the real work and challenge lies in how you live your life day to day. As I mentioned in one of my posts: it is about how you find spirituality in reality.

How does one be inspiring, mindful and spiritually connected in the confines of their domestic life, their relationship, the day to day and the mundane. Watch this space because I want to talk more about this more.

Golden Muesli Bars (vegan)

While in Sri Lanka we visited an ayurvedic garden and hosted an ayurvedic talk during the retreat. I love understanding how nature's herbs and spices can be used as preventative medicine in everyday life. As always Turmeric comes up as such a powerhouse spice, particularly for its anti-inflammatory benefits. This recipes uses turmeric, cinnamon and ginger and is inspired from my recent travels.

Cooking Class on our retreat 



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