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Why Your Body Will Thank You For Eating Algae + Raw Spirulina Protein Balls

What is Algae? Algae is Latin the word for ‘seaweed’ and refers to a simple plants that live in the water (either sea water or fresh water). Unlike plants living on land they lack characteristics such as leaves, roots and other organs. Algae can range from mcroscopic in size (these are referred to as micro algae) to giant kelp, which can grow up to 65 metres in length. Blue Green Algae, although called algae are actually a bacteria often referred to as cyanobacteria Algae grow through photosynthesis and are very efficient at this process. They utilise light energy from the sun,...

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Black Rice – More Antioxidants than Blueberries + Superfood Black Rice Pudding

Black Rice – More Antioxidants than the Beloved Blueberry! There is a lot of talk about how black foods are now the new green superfoods. For me the greens will always take pride of place but it is hard to ignore the growing list of black superfoods power-packed with nutritional benefits. Some examples include black chia seeds, black lentils, black beans, reishi mushrooms, black sesame seeds and of course black rice!               The Scoop on Black Rice Black rice, also known as purple rice or forbidden rice, it is loaded with iron, 18 amino acids, fibre, vitamins and more. ...

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How to Alkalise by Expert Blood Microscopist Kate Lyndley

Kate Lyndley from Alkaline by Design has been a blood microscopist for nearly a decade, practicing in London, Europe and Australia. She has been working with and teaching people about alkalising, and how this impacts their health with blood microscopy educational workshops. Kate runs alkalising and blood microscopy workshops in Melbourne and you can join her at and instagram #alkalinegarden It is an honour to have Kate share her alkalising and blood micoscopy expertise with the Nourishing Hub in her highly informative article.    What is Alkalising? The concept of alkalising your body is nothing new, it has been around...

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