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Delicious Coconut Bounty Balls

Hello there,  Sharing this recipe with you was a bit of a no brainer for me. I had a pretty high hit rate with a number of my friends who asked me for the recipe after trying these little balls of sweet goodness. In fact some of my diehard savoury friends, who insist they're not into sweet treats at all, made an exception for these treats and also asked for the recipe. Even my hubby James named the bounty balls as his personal favourites out of all my healthy goodies.  I'm not sure if the love for these balls has come from reminiscing about the bounty bar...

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Raw Chocolate Brownies - The Nourishing Kind

Hello Lovely Friend,  As you well know I'm never one for baking treats in their traditional form - I love to turn a recipe into a nutrient dense version of it's former self :). So that is what I've done with the good old chocolate brownie. I know how gooood traditional brownies are so it wasn't an easy task but this recipe isn't a bad reincarnation considering it is refined sugar free, dairy free and gluten free.  I love that these brownies taste so decadent but for the most part they are are made of fruit and nuts and other nutrient...

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The Low Down on Coconut Sugar plus our Coconut Lemon Loaf

As most of you are aware, the humble coconut is very much in vogue these days. There seems to be a never-ending list of coconut products on the market – from freeze dried coconut water to coconut vinegar - there is something for everyone! I love to use coconut products in my own cooking and raw food, not only for the flavour but also due to the growing list of health benefits attributed to coconut products. The book The Coconut Miracle is great read to understand the benefits of this popular superfood. One ingredient I have been using in my...

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